101 Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions: Sell Your by Caryl Rae Krannich, Ronald L. Krannich

By Caryl Rae Krannich, Ronald L. Krannich

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Page 23 The telephone screening interview is primarily a verbal encounter, but it also includes numerous nonverbal components. Make sure you speak up, use good grammar, speak in complete sentences, avoid vocalized pauses and fillers, are decisive and positive, and inject enthusiasm and energy into your telephone voice. If your voice tends to be high-pitched over the telephone, try to lower it somewhat. You want to sound interesting enough so the interviewer will want to see you in person. If your grammar is poor, if you sound indecisive, lack enthusiasm, or have a highpitched and squeaky voice, the interviewer may screen you out of further consideration regardless of what you say in response to his questions or how terrific your resume looks.

Many employers use telephone interviews these days. Such interviews are more time efficient and cost effective in eliminating a large number of applicants than face-to-face interviews. While the telephone interview may take only five to ten minutes, an office interview may take an hour or more. The telephone interview is especially cost effective when applicants are from out of town since it saves the expense of bringing several in for face-to-face interviews. Since employers can be expected to conduct screening interviews with greater and greater frequency as interview costs increase, it pays to be prepared when the telephone rings.

Page 1 1 No More Sweaty Palms! "Tell me about yourself," the interviewer said after he had motioned that I should take the seat across from him. " I asked, realizing that a lifetime autobiography would not serve either of us well in a job interview. " As I started to respond, I was grateful that I had anticipated and prepared for a question similar to this. I hadn't expected it to be the first question I would be asked, but I was prepared and I knew I could respond better than most applicants faced with this difficult beginning.

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