A critique of C++ by Joyner I.

By Joyner I.

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Writing programs in C is often called ‘coding’. Coding is writing obscure encryptions that will later have to be decoded, by none else than a guru! C also encourages programming by guesswork. C programmers often solve ‘bugs’ by adding extra ()s, *s and &s, without understanding the problem. People who attain proficiency at this guesswork, are known as, well you guessed it, gurus!! The view that correctness checks are training wheels for students, which gurus don’t need must be dispelled. Many disciplines have techniques to ensure correctness.

Thus the use of C would be limited and well controlled, rather like small assembler routines are currently used in some systems for the same purpose. Indeed the move to C++ should only be considered in the case of upgrading a body of C programs for backwards compatibility. In the case of new projects alternatives to C and C++ should seriously be considered. Programming is the orchestration of change within a large state space. Object-oriented techniques provide a method of simple division and management of such state spaces.

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