A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah by Michael Laitman

By Michael Laitman

In a time of predicament, we'd like a advisor to assist us calm and stabilize our lives. reason why Kabbalah is being published to thousands at the present time. Kabbalah is a device for improving existence, and A advisor to the Hidden knowledge of Kabbalah teaches how we will be able to use this device. In a swish, easygoing kind, you will examine the fundamentals of Kabbalah, and obtain a lot wanted feedback for using this age-old technology on your way of life.

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With the prophecies of The Zohar and the work of the Ari, Kabbalah was meant to shed its light on all. The journey of how Kabbalah sheds its light publicly continues with the work of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, who, as the next chapter shows, opened the study of Kabbalah to more people than ever. In a Nutshell • The Creation according to Kabbalah consists of five phases. • Adam was the first Kabbalist and is said to have authored the book The Angel of God’s Secret. • Abraham started the first “Kabbalah group” through his teaching and wrote The Book of Creation.

The book he is most famed for is The Tree of Life. aA 6 Baal HaSulam Just the Gist • The goal of Kabbalah • The benefit in Kabbalah books • Baal HaSulam and his commentaries on The Zohar and the writings of the Ari • Baal HaSulam’s mission • The urgency in revealing Kabbalah Kabbalah wasn’t always as popular as it is today. When it first started, it was in demand by only a few, who searched for the meaning of their lives. These first Kabbalists continued to develop it through the generations, adapted it to the changing times and made it more scientific, as our generation demands.

You bring yourself to perfection by the correct use of your only attribute: the reception of pleasure. This is a change in intent, a change in the aim of your actions and not your actions themselves. Changing the intent of one’s desire involves three phases: 1. Avoiding the use of desire in its original form. 2. Isolating from your desire to enjoy only those desires that you can use in order to please the Creator. 3. Correcting the intention of the worthy desires and achieving sameness with the Creator in those desires.

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