A History of Indian Literature, Volume VI: Scientific and by Jean-Marie Verpoorten; Jan Gonda (Editor)

By Jean-Marie Verpoorten; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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154 See VERPOORTEN 1983. 155 156 FRAUWALLNER 1962. For the date of the BT, see § 37, note 148; RANI 1982: 28-29. See the Tattvasamgraha, ed. D. S(H)ASTRI 1982: vol. II, kdrikas 2848ff. and 3128ff. 157 FRAUWALLNER 1962: 85-86. 158 Hence the sometimes puzzling numeration of the kdrikas in JHA'S translation 1983 a2. The Golden Age of the Mlmamsa 31 § 40. Conclusion Although his work is far from being sufficiently studied, K already appears as an outstanding thinker. Perfectly informed of the contemporary doctrines, gifted with an uncommon metaphysical and dialectical skill, he pursued the tradition of the Vrttikara (§11).

Ch. 4 (Vydptivdda) on the logical "invariable concomitance" probans-probandum.

This method of logical analysis enables us to ascertain which entities have a (causal) relation with each other. It sounds like the modus tollens of the mediaeval syllogisms. -transl. of Ramanuja's Veddrthasamgraha, Poona 1956, 204. ' The non-returningagain is not mentioned as an (exclusively) informative statement (arthavada), because selfknowledge is not subserving something else. In the case of dependence on something else, a reference to reward is adduced by the maxim-of-the-(ladle-)of-pama-wood as a pure informative statement .

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