A New Approach to the Vedas: An Essay in Translation and by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

By Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

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For thus has it been said: " Whosoever is a Comprehensor, freed from guilt, an over-seer of the senses, of washed-white intellect, whose looking is within, is even He. ” And conversely, the motion of the outer-Self is to be measured by that of the inner-Self. g8a He who dwells existent in the Lotus of the 48 PORTIONS OF THE MAITRI UPANI§AD Heart, consuming food, is that same numinous Solar Fire that is spoken of as all-consuming Time. What is the Lotus and of what modality (-maya) ? 8* These four airts and inter-airts are its surrounding petals.

Rg Veda, I, 89, 10), second Person of the Trinity, Mahadevi and Sakti of later texts. Aditi is the mother-mate of Varuna, who as sprung from Her, though not by generation, is pre-eminently Aditya, Child of the Infinite, and Supernal-Sun: Mother-Nature, the same as Viraj, “ Sovran-Light,” from whom all things “ m ilk” their specific virtues and proper operation, Atharva Veda, V II, i, V III, 9-10, and IX , 1 : Vac, the means of utter­ ance : A pah, the Waters, all the possibilities of existence, un-limited (a-diti) by particular conditionings Mahamaya, Bohme’s Magic, " a mother in all three worlds, and makes each thing after the model of that thing’s will .

Returning more directly to our text, what was the body of the horse suffers corruption and “ swells up,” 74 it is no longer a living horse, but de-natured, its horsiness (aivatta) has gone out of it. The flesh becomes “ food ” and life for other existences, as before explained. Intel­ lect, the Principle of existence, Self-same in the Father and the Son, only remains incarnate, though in another nature and other individual existences or permutations (paririama) : for That *' is indestructible, perpetual, unborn, undiminished, not slain when the body is slain,” Bhagavad Gita, II, 20 and 2 1.

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