A New Aristotle Reader by J. L. Ackrill

By J. L. Ackrill

In one quantity that might be of provider to philosophy scholars of all degrees and to their academics, this reader offers smooth, exact translations of the texts worthwhile for a cautious learn of such a lot facets of Aristotle's philosophy. In picking out the texts Professor J. L. Ackrill has drawn on his wide adventure of educating graduate sessions, and his selection displays problems with present philosophical curiosity in addition to the perennial subject matters. basically contemporary translations which in attaining a excessive point of accuracy were selected; the purpose is to put the Greekless reader, as approximately as attainable, within the place of a reader of Greek. As an relief to check, Professor Ackrill offers a beneficial advisor to the most important subject matters coated. The advisor provides references to the works or passages inside the reader, and indication in their interrelations, and present bibliography.

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It is clear too that, with regard to particulars, if it is true, when asked something, to deny it, it is true also to affirm something. For instance: ‘Is Socrates wise? No. ’ With 25 universals, on the other hand, the corresponding affirmation is not true, but the negation is true. For instance: ‘Is every man wise? No. ’ This is false, but ‘then not every man is wise’ is true; this is the opposite statement, the other is the contrary. 30 Names and verbs that are indefinite (and thereby opposite), such as ‘not-man’ and ‘not-just’, might be thought to be negations without a name and a verb.

Political philosophy: I have included material that is of interest to every student of Aristotle's practical philosophy, but the specialist in political philosophy will naturally have to read much more of the Politics. Recent translations of Aristotle have sought and often achieved a high degree of accuracy. They have tried to keep close to the text in order to put the Greekless reader as nearly as possible in the position of a reader of Greek; they have tried not to incorporate too much interpretation into their renderings.

For a negation must always be true or false; but one who says ‘not-man’—without adding anything else— 35 has no more said something true or false (indeed rather less so) than one who says ‘man’. ‘Every not-man is just’ does not signify the same as any of the above, nor does its opposite, ‘not every not-man is just’. But ‘every not-man is not-just’ signifies the same as ‘no not-man is just’. g. ‘a man is white’ and ‘white is a man’. For otherwise the same statement will have more than one negation, whereas we have shown that one has only one.

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