A Voyage up the River Amazon: Including a Residence at Pará by William Henry Edwards

By William Henry Edwards

William H. Edwards (1822-1909) was once an American entomologist and naturalist whose paintings made an important contribution to medical learn. First released in 1847, this is often Edwards' own account of his recognized excursion to the Amazon basin. It relates his voyage from manhattan, brief place of dwelling within the urban of Par? and exploration of the neighborhood jungle. a professional observer, Edwards describes in interesting aspect the animals, crops and geography of the area, speaking his satisfaction at every one discovery. Highlights of the quantity contain brilliant depictions of encounters with anacondas and electrical eels, unique culmination and birds, and observations at the customs of the neighborhood Portuguese and local populations. meant to be used by way of either the naturalist and the overall reader, this e-book will captivate someone attracted to the historical past of commute and exploration, in addition to the improvement of medical research within the tropics.

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They are found in large clusters about the roots of the mangroves. The great dependence of the Pard, market is beef. Upon Marajo, and neighbouring islands, vast herds of cattle roam the campo, and large canoes are constantly engaged in transporting them to the city. But often they are poor when taken, and the passage from the islands averaging from four days to a week, during which time they have little to drink and nothing at all to eat, those who survive are but skin and bone. Killed in this state, it may readily be imagined that Pard beef is deficient in some points considered as excellences in the Fulton market.

CHAP. IV. Here was growing a cactus, in size a tree ; and numerous flowering shrubs, some known to us as greenhouse plants, and others entirely new, were scattered over the premises. Cape jessamines grew to large shrubs and filled the air with fragrance; oleanders shot up to a height of twenty feet, loaded withflowers; and altheas, in like manner, presented clusters of immense size and singular beauty. Here also was a tree covered with large white flowers, shaped like so many butterflies; and there were a host of others, of which we could admire the beauty, although not knowing the names.

Pairs of chiming thrushes are ringing their alternate notes like the voice of a single bird. Parrots are chattering, paroquets screaming. Manakins are piping in every low tree, restless, never still. Woodpigeons, the " birds of the painted breasts,"flystartled ; and pheasants of a dozen varieties go whirring off. But, most beautiful of all, humming-birds, living gems, and surpassing aught that's brilliant save the diamond, are constantly darting by; now stopping an instant to kiss the gentle flower, and now furiously battling some rival humble-bee.

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