A Wizard In War: The Third Chronicle of the Magnus D'Armand, by Christopher Stasheff

By Christopher Stasheff

The medieval planet of Maltroit appears to be like repeating Earth's bloody background within the worst attainable demeanour. it truly is as much as the Rogue Wizard to provide the downtrodden a crash path in democracy, so ahead of you could say "Magna Carta," he is bent the process background through instructing the nobles the rudiments of democracy, and education the peasants within the fundamentals of radical politics.

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Then they turned together to watch the duel, both ready to leap in and help. There was no need; it was clear the bigger man would already have won if his opponent hadn't been wearing armor. As it was, blood was seeping through the chain mail between breastplate and hip guard, and the giant's doublet was streaked with crimson. But the big man fought only with a rapier and dagger, where the knight hewed at him with a two-handed broadsword. " The knight stumbled after his sword, off balance, and the stranger stepped in with an extra push!

So much hunger! They camped for two nights, and Gar and Dirk struck up conversations with the soldiers, who seemed surprised to find themselves forgiving the men they had sought to kidnap-but Sir Hildebrandt talked to the stranger knights by the hour as they marched, so they could tell themselves they were only following his example. Coll just sat and watched, saying as little as possible, and realized quickly that Dirk and Gar really didn't say much about themselves-only enough to lead to the next question, and to bring the soldiers to talking again.

Now, in a sudden embarrassment of riches, there came three at once, two from the east and one from the west! The road curved around his hill, so he was sure neither saw the other, and decided he would have time to rob the monk before the knights came in sight-though he would have to use the back trail down his hill, for the knights were sure to come after him as soon as the friar went crying to them. At least they weren't armored-but he could tell by their clothing that they were knights indeed, or, at the very least, reeves.

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