A Wizard's Bestiary: A Menagerie of Myth, Magic, and Mystery by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk

By Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Ash Dekirk

Unusual beasts of every kind have crawled, run, swam, and flown via humanitys mind's eye and tourists stories because the sunrise of time. From Gryphons and Unicorns, to Dragons, Mermaids, or even more strange and fantastical animals, A Wizards Bestiary takes you on a paranormal trip in the course of the a while and around the globe, to find elusive creatures of fable and legend. watch out - right here be Monsters!
The first part lists over 1,000 outstanding creatures from each land in an encyclopedic, alphabetical word list structure, from Aatxe to Zyphoeus. each one access contains a small representation, in addition to cross-references to different comparable beasts.
Next, the authors current extra in-depth gains on a few of extra attention-grabbing of those mythical beasts, similar to the ocean Serpent and the Man-Eating Tree of Madagascar. background, myths, and legends of every creature are offered, with specific emphasis on picking real-life origins of legendary creatures in genuine dwelling animals, similar to the hyperlink among the Kraken and the enormous squid. This part is split into those categories:
* Creepers
* Walkers
* Swimmers
* Flyers
* Demi-Humans
* Animate Plants
Expanded cryptozoological entries comprise the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Mokele-Mbembe, El Chupacabra, Mothman, and different secret monsters stated by means of eyewitnesses yet now not but proven via science.
They are grouped into the next categories:
* Primates and Hominids
* Bipedal Monsters
* Carnivorous Mammals
* Herbivorous Mammals
* Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
* Birds
* Reptiles
* Amphibians
* dwelling Dinosaurs
* secret Monsters
A Wizards Bestiary is profusely illustrated with outdated woodcuts, engravings, and different photographs from old assets, in addition to interpretations by means of smooth artists, together with the authors. No different bestiary has been so well-illustrated! Hand-drawn medieval-style maps by means of Oberon Zell-Ravenheart exhibit purported locales of other beasts on all continents and seas.

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The Magickal menagerie E is for Enfield, from Ireland’s fame, Fox-headed wolf of the hero’s acclaim. After a battle, it watches and waits, Guarding slain chieftains and minding their fates. Each Tened (Gaelic, “Fire- 37 er. She also bore the Sphinx by her son Orthus. She dwelt in a cave near Scythia, where she was eventually killed by the 100eyed Argus Panoptes. The name Echidna has been given to the little egglaying “spiny anteater” of Australia. Eer-Moonan—Ferocious monsters of the Australian Aborigine Dreamtime, they have the bodies of dogs, the heads of echidnas (spiny anteaters), and the feet of human women.

See Alkonost, Halcyon. Gçush Urvan (or Gosh, Gôshûurûn, Gôshûurvan)— A vast cosmic cow in Persian mythology, she contained the seeds of all plants and animals. For 3,000 years she grazed upon the barren Earth until she was killed by Mithra. From her body emerged a pair of cattle plus 282 pairs of other animals, and from her legs arose 65 species of vegetation. One version of the myth has her as a bull. See Hadhayôsh. Ghul (pl. Ghilan)— Shapeshifting creatures of Arabic lore that haunt lonely places, where they lure travelers away from their companions to devour them.

Then, in 2003, the sub-fossil remains of seven diminutive hominids were discovered on the tiny island. Officially designated Homo floresiensis (“man of Flores”), they were immediately dubbed “Hobbits” in the popular press. Ranging in height from 3 to 4 feet, they appear to have been a dwarf island race of Homo erectus. Echeneis (Greek, “ship-detaining”; also Remora, Mora)—A tiny “sea-serpent,” only 6 inches long, that can stop a ship under full sail by attaching itself to the hull. Said to dwell in polar seas, it freezes the air and water to hold a ship fast in an icy grip; thus, it is considered the arch-enemy of the fire-dwelling Salamander.

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