Advanced Reservoir Management and Engineering by Tarek Ahmed PhD PE, Nathan Meehan

By Tarek Ahmed PhD PE, Nathan Meehan

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Chapter 1 - good checking out Analysis

, Pages 1-226
Chapter 2 - Water Influx

, Pages 227-279
Chapter three - Unconventional fuel Reservoirs

, Pages 281-432
Chapter four - functionality of Oil Reservoirs

, Pages 433-483
Chapter five - Predicting Oil Reservoir Performance

, Pages 485-539
Chapter 6 - advent to superior Oil Recovery

, Pages 541-585
Chapter 7 - monetary Analysis

, Pages 587-649
Chapter eight - monetary Analysis

, Pages 651-660
Chapter nine - Professionalism and Ethics

, Pages 661-682

, Pages 683-688

, Pages 689-702

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5,reD,10. It should be pointed out that van Everdingen and Hurst principally applied the pD function solution to model the performance of water influx into oil reservoirs. Thus, the authors’ wellbore radius rw was in this case the external radius of the reservoir and re was essentially the external boundary radius of the aquifer. 3 are practical for this application. Consider the Ei function solution to the diffusivity equations as given by Eq. 77): ! 70:6QBμ 2 948φμct r 2 pðr; tÞ 5 pi 1 Ei kt kh CHAPTER 1 36 TA B L E 1.

T on a semi-logarithmic scale would CHAPTER 1 produce a straight line with an intercept of a and a slope of m as given by:   ! 10, estimate the bottom-hole flowing pressure after 10 hours of production. Solution Step 1. Eq. 82) can only be used to calculate pwf at any time that exceeds the time limit imposed by Eq. 83), or: φμct r 2 k 2 26 4 ð0:15Þð1:5Þð12 3 10 Þð0:25Þ t 5 9:48 3 10 60 5 0:000267 hours 5 0:153 seconds t . 9:48 3 104 For all practical purposes, Eq. 82) can be used anytime during the transient flow period to estimate the bottom-hole pressure.

As soon as the pressure disturbance reaches all drainage boundaries, it ends the transient (unsteady-state) flow regime and the beginning of the boundary-dominated flow condition. This different type of flow regime is called pseudosteady (semisteady)-state flow. It is necessary at this point to impose different boundary conditions on the diffusivity equation and drive an appropriate solution to this flow regime. 23 shows a well in a radial system that is producing at a constant rate for a long enough period that eventually affects the entire drainage area.

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