Advances in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology II by X. S. Zhao, Hongzong Si, Peilong Xu

By X. S. Zhao, Hongzong Si, Peilong Xu

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P. W. Scott, S. Traiman, Solute –Solvent Interactions on the Surface of Silica- Gel. 3. Multilayer Adsorption of Water on the Surface of Silica-Gel, J. 196, (1980) 193-205. [6] J. E. Walrafen, Overtone Vibrations of OH Groups in Fused Silica Optical Fibers, J. Chem. Phys. 76, 4 (1982) 1712-1722. G. W. L. W. Linton, Transmission Near-infrared Technique for Evaluation and Relative Quantitation of Surface groups on Silica, J. Chromatogr. 260 (1983) 1-12. G. W. Jorgenson, Confirmation and Application of Transmission Near-infrared Absorption Technique for Absolute Quantitation of Functional-Groups on Silica-gel, J.

N OCH3 KH-570 OH O toluene N C O NH 2 O N O O N O O H2 C C H (CH 2) 3O CCH=CH2 CH3 O CH 3 C OH NH2 O Si M BA AIBN C O NH 2 Elution Adsorption OH O NH 2 C O C NH 2 Imprinted polymeric layer Imprinted cave Fig. 1. Schematic illustration for synthesis of MIPS Characteristic of FT-IR spectra. 74 and 971cm-1 indicated Si-O-Si and Si-O-H stretching vibrations, respectively. The bands around 799 and 470cm-1 resulted from Si-O vibrations . 83cm-1, and it indicated that silanol groups were not silanized completely.

From the results of Fig. 2, it can be seen ABS chains are fully relaxed and exhibit typical homopolymer-like terminal behavior. It is observed that the terminal slope of G’-ω curves has no obvious change when the MWNTs concentration is lower than 1 wt% but decreases significantly when the MWNTs content is higher than 1 wt%. It indicates a percolated filler network is established when the MWNTs content is higher than 1 wt% thus the free movement of ABS chains is restricted by the spatially confined geometry.

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