Advances in Mutagenesis Research by Günter Obe, H.H. Evans, D. Frankenberg, M.

By Günter Obe, H.H. Evans, D. Frankenberg, M. Frankenberg-Schwager, E. Gebhart, W. Köhnlein, R.H. Nussbaum, D.G. Papworth, J.R.K. Savage, R.-D. Wegner

Applied genetic examine, genetic toxicology and mutation study examine the mutagenicity and cancerogenicity of chemical compounds and different brokers. everlasting mutation in genes and chromosomes, will be caused via a plethora of brokers, together with ionizing and nonionizing radiations, chemical compounds, and viruses. one of the elements mentioned by way of Advances in Mutagenesis Research are (1) the certainty of the molecular mechanisms resulting in mutations, and (2) the prevention of a inconsiderate advent of mutagenic brokers into the environment.

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C CO '5 30 20 ~ ~ 0 10 a No change Total deletion Partly Deleted Rearranged Fif . 9. Spectra of mutations at the hprt locus of normal human fibroblasts exposed to y-radiation or 23 Pu a-particles. The number of mutants analyzed was 69 and 195 for y-radiation and a-particles. respectively. Unpublished results were generously supplied by Dr. David Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory 100 0 • 0 c 0 80 += CO 'S a. 60 C CO '5 40 0 Spontaneous X Rad ialion Radon a.. ~ ~ 0 20 0 Ik loss, LY·R16 GK loss, LY·R16 GK loss.

7 Characterization of Mutational Lesions Induced by Alpha Radiation . . . . . . . 8 Oncogenic Transformation Induced by Alpha Radiation . . . . . . . . . . 9 Role of Ionizing Radiation in Oncogenic Transformation. . . . . . . . . . References . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . D. Evans et al. 1981; Samet 1989; Samet et al. 1989) and tin (Lubin et al. 1990) miners as well as by studies using experimental animals (Cross et al.

However, one should be cautious because of the appearance of secondary DSB in Rejoining of Radiation-Induced DNA Double-Strand Breaks in Yeast 10 23 N~mr-I 10-9. g -l. mol e Rejoining of DSB in yeast irradiated under hypoxia • 2000 Gy • 150GGy .. 1200 Gy .. 750 Gy D DOl a 5 10 15 500 Gy • 250 Gy time/h Fig. 18. 57, respectively). DSB rejoining occured during postirradiation incubation of cells under nongrowth conditions. R+. mr· 1 Mean number of rejoinable DSB (R+) per relative molar mass of DNA (mr) (Frankenberg-Schwager et at.

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