Anew: The Archers of Avalon by Chelsea Fine

By Chelsea Fine

"This booklet enraptured me. unique. Breath-taking. all of the correct ways."
-UtopYA Reviews

"Talk approximately one loopy, advanced love triangle! Chelsea advantageous convinced is familiar with the best way to pull heartstrings. on the finish I yelled, 'Shut up! Ahhhhh! I heavily want the following booklet. correct. NOW'."
-Goodreads Reviewer

"The love triangle during this publication is the simplest type of the place everybody believes and everybody loves and everybody suffers! the top left me wide-eyed, open-mouthed and longing desperately for the following book!"
-The ebook Hookup

Three curses. brothers. One love triangle.
Sometimes love is intended to be. yet is the dying of you.

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"Anew was once so freaking stable! The suspense, the eagerness, the chemistry, the affection triangle, the magnificent writing, the simplest characters ever, the realization, (*deep breath*) OMG the was once all WOW holy cow awesomeness. Anew was once a totally unique paranormal romance."
-Reading, consuming, Dreaming Reviews

"Amazing, appealing ebook! I cherished the belief of the plot - it really is clean and specific, I enjoyed the characters, the pacing of the tale was once ideal and the finishing promising! nice variety of writing and great humor! simply ideal! A must-read!!!"
-Goodreads Reviewer

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time will fall head over heels for the determined characters and never-ending mysteries in Anew!

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No. Because, deep down, Gabriel was grateful for Tristan’s lack of humanity. If killing someone in Scarlet’s place really could undo the curse, then Gabriel was glad Tristan had no qualms about taking an innocent life. Gabriel, however, did have qualms. So, no killing sprees for him. He watched Scarlet bite her lip as she looked about the park. She was amazing. Flawed and soulful and…lovely. Everything about her was fragile and perfect.  When her eyes found his, she smiled. She was beautiful. He smiled as he approached her.

He didn’t. ” Gabriel found the control and set it on an end table. “I’ve waited two years to ‘meet’ Scarlet. ” Tristan took a deep breath. ” Was that what he’d been reduced to? Begging? Was he that afraid Scarlet would remember him? The clock on the wall beat into the silence. Tick…tick…tick…. Yes. He was that scared. “No,” Gabriel said, shaking his head. ” “So do I, Gabe. ” “But I…love her,” Gabriel said, turning his palms up helplessly. Tristan exhaled sharply. He didn’t want to believe that Gabriel loved Scarlet.

Look. Scarlet cleared her throat. ” Heather put on her best smile and turned to Gabriel. ” “Are you new to Avalon? ” She may as well have batted her lashes for all the flirt dripping from her tongue. Scarlet rolled her eyes. ” Gabriel smiled politely, his brown eyes glancing at Scarlet. “Well, then, welcome to Avalon. ” Heather went up on her tiptoes and gave Gabriel a kiss on each cheek. “Thank you,” Gabriel said, graciously receiving and returning the kisses. ” Heather said, rubbing her hands together like sweating people kissing in between sprints wasn’t disgusting.

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