Animal Welfare and Meat Science by Neville G Gregory

By Neville G Gregory

Animal welfare matters have gotten more and more well-known in animal prodution, for either monetary and ethical purposes. This e-book offers a transparent realizing of the connection among the welfare of significant nutrition animal species and their body structure, and the direct influence this has on meat caliber. This re-creation makes a speciality of contemporary study and advancements and in addition appears to be like into welfare in aquaculture.

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Note that the crowding gate is not pushed up against the animals. Cattle and pigs should enter the race easily when they are moved in small groups as shown in Fig. 1. If they balk and refuse to enter the race, either there is something wrong with the facility, or they can see a moving person up ahead. In the figure, the man in the dark shirt is standing back so that the approaching cattle do not see him. In many plants, over-use of crowding gates is often a problem, especially if they are powered gates.

Clearly these methods would not be used routinely, but they may have use in legal prosecutions and defences. 4. This bruising was sufficiently severe to warrant trimming by the Meat Inspection Service, and it does not include light forms of bruising. The main sites of bruising in a carcass vary between handling systems, but commonly in beef carcasses the hips, round and the top of the back are most affected. 5) (Thornton, 1983). Bruising tends to be less serious in pig carcasses, but it can be found around the femur and in the leading margin of the hindleg.

Once the animals are in a single file race they are usually loaded into a semi-automatic conveyor which takes them to the stunning position. 6 shows the layout for the stunning area for a pig abattoir which has a restraining conveyor. The conveyor grips the pig between two moving walls and conveys it automatically to the stunner, who controls the conveyor with a foot-operated switch. When the pig arrives at the end of the conveyor, the conveyor is stopped and the pig is electrically stunned. When the stunning current flow is completed the conveyor is started again and the stunned pig slides down a chute to a slatted table or platform where it is bled, shackled and hoisted to an overhead rail.

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