Anti-Immigrantism in Western Democracies: Statecraft, Desire by Roxanne Ly Doty

By Roxanne Ly Doty

Anti-Immigrantism in Western Democracies appears at immigrantism within the US, the united kingdom and France in the context of globalisation and questions our knowing of the 'state'.

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One simply must accept the laws of human nature, the tolerance thresholds that are inherent in bounded communities. Just how new though, is the “new racism” and what is the relationship between the new and old racism or cultural versus biological racism? Certainly it is possible to find, in earlier times, instances that would contain elements of neo-racism. The “separate but equal” doctrine of the US South comes to mind. 15 Kanstroom points out that German historian, Oswald Spengler’s, conception of race was beyond blood or genetics, linked more to geography and common history than biology.

Venecia Robles Zavala was stopped and asked for papers as she left the “Food 4 Less” market with her children. The officer only let her go after she found a copy of her birth certificate in her car. 30 Mark your territory 39 Legal raids also occur for the purpose of enforcing the Illegal Immigration and Reform Responsibility Act, which requires the INS to deport non-US citizens who have been convicted of aggravated felonies in the United States. In 1998, the Board of Immigration Appeals ruled that, for immigration purposes, a felony conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI) is an aggravated felony.

The despot is threatened by that which escapes overcoding. 34 They participate in the naturalization and justification of exclusionary practices based on presumed and essentialized cultural identities. 36 It has no inherent or fixed meaning. What “race” is emerges within specific historical, economic, and political situations and is whatever racists have the social power to define it as. 37 The concept of neo-racism directs our attention to the construction of race within the context of late twentieth-century globalization and its implications for national boundaries and the politics of inclusion and exclusion.

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