Austrian Economic Perspectives on Individualism and Society: by Guinevere Liberty Nell

By Guinevere Liberty Nell

Austrian Economics views on Individualism and Society brings jointly economists and political scientists focusing on evolutionary switch and spontaneous order.

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We are not born with an irreducible character, but neither is it our unique physical characteristics nor our specific social context; rather, it is the creative unity emerging from out of our experience as a human being. It is a unity we to some degree consciously create, but only to some degree. An individual is a creative accomplishment, and to some degree we are co-creators of ourselves. Human individuality is a process and manifestation of creative discovery, bringing forth a world that would otherwise not exist.

But no matter how creative we might be, we cannot stand outside all of our socially acquired knowledge and evaluate it. No matter how sophisticated our questions, we always ask them within a social context that must remain largely taken for granted. ” A Buddhist scholar of the time would have had a very different take on his insight. Methodological Individualism Methodological individualism makes no claims about how our intentions arise. As a method, it is as compatible with the work of Jürgen Habermas as it is with rational choice theory (Stanford Encyclopedia, 2010: 11).

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