Battlestar Galactica Series Bible by Ronald D Moore

By Ronald D Moore

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She applied to the Colonial Academy, scored well on the entrance exams, and soon was aboard a commercial transport ship, on her way to Caprica for the in-person interview. Sharon was napping when the word came in of a massive accident on Troy. She awoke to the news that her entire settlement - more than 200,000 people — was wiped out in a series of titanic explosions which ripped away the protective domes keeping out the poisonous atmosphere of Troy. Investigation would pinpoint the cause asnfThirheitcnmsusp^cted,~uud huge, pocketrofvoiatile methane gas which was suddenly ignited by the mining operation.

When we do encounter a world remotely capable of supporting human life, it will be a BIG DEAL. Likewise, an encounter with true alien life will be a HUGE DEAL, an our aliens will not be the usual assortment of bumpy-headed people that are essentially human in all but appearance. Any alien on Galactica must be alien in the truest sense of the word - a creature so foreign to our ways of thinking and living that we may not even recognize it as life at all. 33. y^JPK However, the Cylons in our midst should be a constant, lurking threat.

2. Multi-Episodic Arcs last two to four episodes in length and involve settings and stories which hook audiences into short-term tales which wrap themselves up in the near future. For example, when we find a solar system capable of sustaining human life, we might wish to stay here for three or four episodes as we hunt for supplies, struggle to bring them up to our ships, hidefromthe Cylons, quell a mutiny among people who wish to stay here permanently, battle storms on planet surfaces, repair our ships, etc.

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