Beat Your Goals: The Definitive Guide to Personal Success by David Molden, Denise Parker

By David Molden, Denise Parker

There are 3 basic levels to attaining targets: 1. set the target 2. create a series of steps for reaching it three. video display growth and make alterations effortless. In thought. So why perform a little humans continually beat targets - and develop into serial luck tales - whereras others locate it even more tricky and have a tendency to stumble each time? the answer's now not within the objective surroundings, yet that a few of us fall over hurdles that we position sooner than ourselves. those psychological and emotional blocks act as self-sabotaging innovations. this can be the ebook that may aid you transparent the way in which through removal psychological blocks and developing the stipulations for not only reaching your ambitions, yet beating them and realising your fullest power. Examples from serial target beaters describe the techniques they used and recommend how they are often tailored to give you the results you want - no matter what your aim.

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If you have come across reframing elsewhere you might ask yourself just how well you are doing and consider how many of your inner thoughts are actually positive and useful. Move on from the examples shown and reflect on your recent experience. Sometimes the simplest of techniques can be well understood intellectually but tough to actualise.

W H AT I S Y O U R G O A L ? It seems that some leaders have learned nothing from the quality guru W. ’ If you manage by target setting, then think through all the consequences to check you are contributing to the higher purpose. You can quickly check by asking yourself: ● What outcomes do I want to get from this activity? ● How will I know if the activity is achieving the outcomes? TCOMES U O GOALS SUB-GOALS TARGETS When you are working to a target, what is the measure of quality applied to the process?

Strengthen this new belief by asking the following questions: 1 What evidence supports this belief? 2 When have I known it to be true? 3 Who do I know who has this belief? 4 What will happen when I hold this belief? belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that “Apossesses the mind. ” Robert Oxton Bolt ➧ Additional resources are available from the Quadrant 1 website. com and click on know-how. ➧ ➧ 46 Breakthrough hidden limitations Reframing negative into positive. ” Marcel Proust Much of what we do in life is driven by our unconscious habits, like when you have driven a car from A to B in autopilot mode and are unable to recall passing landmarks along the way.

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