Book of Mirrors: Mage Storytellers Handbook (Mage: The by Ethan Skemp, Richard Dansky, Phil Brucato, Deena McKinney,

By Ethan Skemp, Richard Dansky, Phil Brucato, Deena McKinney, Kathleen Ryan, Brian Cambell

"Wow! Cool Game" Mage: The Ascension happens in an epic global loaded with hazards, intrigues and contradictions, a global the place not anything is ever what it kind of feels to be. in the unique realm of the woke up, wizards plot, demons upward push and truth itself shudders in discomfort and rapture. "Now How Do I Run It?" fascinating because it might be, Mage deals the would-be Storyteller a number of demanding situations. thankfully, assistance is now handy. This crucial but casual tome contains Storytelling suggestion, a developer's F.A.Q., secrets and techniques of the Ascension warfare, and plenty of different enlightening sweets, like... A step by step chronicle background; A cotnprehensive index to Mage books, ideas and magicks; structures and recommendations for animals, shapeshifting, trade settings and extra.

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