Books and characters, French & English by Lytton Strachey

By Lytton Strachey

Books and Characters - French and English is gifted the following in a top quality paperback version. This well known vintage paintings by means of Lytton Strachey is within the English language, and will now not comprise pix or photographs from the unique version. for those who benefit from the works of Lytton Strachey then we hugely suggest this e-book to your ebook assortment.

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Исследование англоязычного автора о военной авантюре Наполеона Бонапарта в Египте в 1799 году. Описаны все битвы и кампании Наполеона. Текст проиллюстрирован цветными вкладками. Обзорная книга для популяризации истории Великой Французской Революции, первой Империи. Особое внимание в книге уделено описанию морской битвы при Абукире, в которой Нельсон уничтожил французский флот.

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Then at moments her wit crystallised; the cataract threw off a shower of radiant jewels, which one caught as one might. Some of these have come down to us. Her remark on Montesquieu's great book—'C'est de l'esprit sur les lois'—is an almost final criticism. Her famous 'mot de Saint Denis,' so dear to the heart of Voltaire, deserves to be once more recorded. A garrulous and credulous Cardinal was describing the martyrdom of Saint Denis the Areopagite: when his head was cut off, he took it up and carried it in his hands.

There the same company awaited her as that which met in her own house; it was simply a change of decorations; often enough for weeks together she had supper every night with the same half−dozen persons. The entertainment, apart from the supper itself, hardly varied. Occasionally there was a little music, more often there were cards and gambling. Madame du Deffand disliked gambling, but she loathed going to bed, and, if it came to a choice between the two, she did not hesitate: once, at the age of seventy−three, she sat up till seven o'clock in the morning playing vingt−et−un with Charles Fox.

Walpole stormed, threatened, declared he would write no more; and on her side there were abject apologies, and solemn promises of amendment. Naturally, it was all in vain. A few months later he would be attacked by a fit of the gout, her solicitude would be too exaggerated, and the same fury was repeated, and the same submission. One wonders what the charm could have been that held that proud old spirit in such a miserable captivity. Was it his very coldness that subdued her? If he had cared for her a little more, perhaps she would have cared for him a good deal less.

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