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For example, if you declare a variable called MaxValue in the interface section of a unit, and then declare another variable with the same name in a function declaration within that unit, any unqualified occurrences of MaxValue in the function block are governed by the second, local declaration. Similarly, a function declared within another function creates a new, inner scope in which identifiers used by the outer function can be redeclared locally. The use of multiple units further complicates the definition of scope.

For more information about string types, see Chapter 5, “Data types, variables, and constants”. Comments and compiler directives Comments are ignored by the compiler, except when they function as separators (delimiting adjacent tokens) or compiler directives. There are several ways to construct comments: { Text between a left brace and a right brace constitutes a comment. } (* Text between a left-parenthesis-plus-asterisk and an asterisk-plus-right-parenthesis also constitutes a comment. *) // Any text between a double-slash and the end of the line constitutes a comment.

Character strings A character string, also called a string literal or string constant, consists of a quoted string, a control string, or a combination of quoted and control strings. Separators can occur only within quoted strings. A quoted string is a sequence of up to 255 characters from the extended ASCII character set, written on one line and enclosed by apostrophes. A quoted string with nothing between the apostrophes is a null string. Two sequential apostrophes in a quoted string denote a single character, namely an apostrophe.

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