Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

By Aldous Huxley

Now greater than ever: Aldous Huxley's enduring "masterpiece ... essentially the most prophetic dystopian works of the 20 th century" (Wall highway Journal) must be learn and understood via a person all in favour of keeping the human spirit within the face of our "brave new world"

Aldous Huxley's profoundly important classic of worldwide literature, Brave New World is a looking imaginative and prescient of an unequal, technologically-advanced future the place people are genetically bred, socially indoctrinated, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively uphold an authoritarian ruling order--all on the rate of our freedom, complete humanity, and maybe additionally our souls. “A genius [who] who spent his lifestyles decrying the onward march of the laptop” (The New Yorker), Huxley was once a guy of incomparable skills: both an artist, a religious seeker, and one among history’s keenest observers of human nature and civilization. Brave New global, his masterpiece, has enthralled and terrified thousands of readers, and keeps its urgent relevance to at the present time as either a caution to be heeded as we head into the next day to come and as thought-provoking, fulfilling paintings of literature. Written within the shadow of the increase of fascism during the Nineteen Thirties, Brave New World likewise speaks to a 21st-century international ruled via mass-entertainment, know-how, medication and pharmaceuticals, the humanities of persuasion, and the hidden impression of elites. 

"Aldous Huxley is the best twentieth century author in English." —Chicago Tribune


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