Immortal Eyes: The Toybox (Changeling: The Dreaming) by Keith Herber, Sam Chupp

By Keith Herber, Sam Chupp

The Shining City!

Welcome to San Francisco, web site of the resurgence of fae in the world. This urban is likely to be an important to the fae, for the Glamour is extra strong right here than anyplace in the world. No different urban comprises extra freeholds and magical websites than the Shining City.

The Elusive Eyes...

The first a part of the Immortal Eyes trilogy. The Toybox, choices up the place "Toys can be Toys" left off. The Immortal Eyes chronicle combines a trilogy of novels with a chain of video game sourcebooks. this primary chronicle for Changeling: The Dreaming blends wealthy backgrounds and settings with the lavish characterization and tightly woven plots that in simple terms fiction provides. In so doing, the Immortal Eyes chronicle will immerse gamers and readers alike within the mystical global of the Dreaming.

Immortal Eyes: The Toybox features:

a glance into the freehold and lives of a number of the fae population of San Francisco in addition to a whole background and evaluate of the bay area.
3 mini-stories designed to mesh with the Immortal Eyes chronicle.
info at the Immortal Eyes chronicle, permitting you to play out the tale because it is within the novels, or continue in a wholly new path.

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Pathfinder Module: The Moonscar by Richard Pett

By Richard Pett

To astronomers and stargazers, the weird light patch at the moon is called the Moonscar. Many theories abound as to the character of this unusual characteristic, but if truth be told a terrifying legacy from the traditional previous. while a well known archeologist disappears whereas investigating a wierd mountaintop wreck, the adventurers needs to keep on with the abductee via a mysterious portal right into a land of lunar insanity and demonic nightmare - for what scars Golarion's moon is a blight from the depths of the Abyss itself! This experience builds upon parts first brought in far away Worlds and the publication of the Damned II: Lords of Chaos, and lines demanding situations that may try the mettle of a gaggle of 4 16th-level Pathfinder characters. Written by means of fan-favorite Richard Pett (Carrion Hill, The Skinsaw Murders), The Moonscar is an event for 16th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and appropriate with the 3.5 variation of the world's oldest RPG. as well as the journey, this quantity additionally encompasses a brand-new monster and a gazetteer of a brand-new position on Golarion's demon-haunted moon.

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Southern Mirkwood - Haunt of the Necromancer (MERP ICE by Susan Tyler Hitchcock

By Susan Tyler Hitchcock

This package deal info all of Southern Rhovanion.

Southern MIRKWOOD contains:

- four significant layouts together with DOL GULDUR
- A 16" x 20" full-color insert, facet no 1 depicts settings from THE LORD OF THE jewelry, facet #2 maps out WOODMENTOWN, the HILL OF SORCERY, and a HOUSE-LORD settlement

From the Undeeps to the outdated woodland highway, around the conflict undeniable known as DAGORLAD, Southern Mirkwood is a land cursed via the Necromancer of DOL GULDUR.


Long in the past the area of Southern Rhovanion earned the typical identify of South Wilderland. For regardless of a variety of settlements of fellows through the years, Nature has consistently reigned perfect during this area of woodland and plains. All who input Southern Rhovanion, no matter if to trip or to stay out their lives, needs to prepared themselves for daily encounters with the whims and forces of Nature. each civilization that has made its domestic the following - no matter if the primitive Beijabar, the savage Orcs of Dol Guldur, or the stately Northmen lower than Vidugavia - all have needed to locate how you can make their rugged methods of lifestyles reply to the higher forces of Nature.

Growing issues have specific value during this quarter ruled by means of the wooded area as soon as referred to as Greenwood the nice. In each nook of the wooded realm Nature is grasp, and to dwell right here very easily one needs to tips on how to establish and assemble the worthwhile crops transforming into wild and unfastened and, simply as vital, to spot, steer clear of, and use while useful the powerful toxic vegetation Nature strews simply as generously in one's pathway throughout the wooded area and the plains.

There as soon as used to be an afternoon while the woodland bloomed attractive and prairie vegetation sweetly scented The Plains of Talath Harroch. There as soon as used to be an afternoon whilst the Fives sang to the seasons, and while Nature appeared calm and forgiving in her means. yet these days are long past - perhaps now not eternally, yet during this yr of T.A. 1640 few population of Southern Rhovanion anticipate existence to develop into any easier.

During those years of restoration after the good Plague, which hit Southern Rhovanion simply as not easy because it hit Gondor, humans were thrown again upon the severe assets of the wildlife. the elements has became harsher during the last few a long time, and with the Plague has come disease from many instructions. Vestiges of the Plague upward push back one of the voters of Southern Rhovanion; maybe as a result of the a number of refugees who come the following from different components to stay or die, based upon what destiny holds in shop for them. The Plague struck humankind extra violently than it struck Nature, and people who reside in Southern Rhovanion at the moment are greater than ever on the mercy in their environment.

No one travels or lives within the sector with no falling less than the shadow of Dol Guldur. whereas basically the wisest have any suggestion of why this mountain sheds any such ghastly spell, each is familiar with that from it emanates the stench of evil and the shadow of loss of life. such a lot hardships that befall one in Southern Rhovanion will be traced again in a single approach or different to the impression of that accursed craggy peak.

Yet conflicts have arisen that it sounds as if don't have anything to do with the Evil of that mountain. Southern Rhovanion, virtually due to its pastoral heritage, has turn into the warring flooring of forces past its bounds. the nice Kings of Gondor - of their quest for empire and the subjugation of the Easterling tribes -- have introduced consistent clash and bloodshed to a land which was little greater than a hall for wandering people. Few nice wars originate in the minds and hearts of Southern Rhovanians, yet many ensue upon their hills and plains, forcing them to soak up fingers to guard and protect no matter what houses and assets stay between them. it is a kingdom less than siege - no longer amidst conflict this day, yet constantly lower than the omnipresent possibility that battle or pestilence, drought or deluge, may possibly wipe out every thing the following day.

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GameMastery Module: Hangman's Noose by Jason Bulmahn

By Jason Bulmahn

A spiteful ghost haunts an deserted courthouse within the city of Absalom, and at the ten-year anniversary of a grave injustice it seeks its revenge. Hangman's Noose is an city event for low-level characters, suitable with the world's preferred delusion roleplaying online game, and a part of the GameMastery Module line. GameMastery Modules additionally contain 4 pre-made characters so avid gamers can bounce correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to reinforce play.

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Burning Horizon by Matthew Grau, Bob Arens, Robert N. Glass, Bruce H. Graw,

By Matthew Grau, Bob Arens, Robert N. Glass, Bruce H. Graw, Stephen McQuillan

Somewhere, It Burns...

The sands of time slip during the hourglass. the recent Earth executive mounts a determined initiative opposed to the Migou’s seat of energy. those who police the ar- cane underground face an invisible foe. The Disciples of the Rapine typhoon descend in the course of the ashes to attack the Land Down less than. a dangerous plague unexpectedly grips the voters of the recent Earth govt. And an unforeseen best friend returns from the void, a mild within the darkness.

The finish incorporates on. Welcome to 2087.

Discover how humanity makes an attempt to discover a technological aspect. stay stunned via the on-going inner Nazzadi conflicts. notice that for which the Migou were scouring the Outback. And, regrettably, whatever perverse is born in the sacred arcane circles of the Esoteric Order of Dagon – a few that makes the Chrysalis company very indignant. All whereas difficulties just like the turning out to be road crime hold over from 2086. discover a yr within the unusual Aeon or lose your self within the lies and faux it isn’t happening.

Nowhere else will you discover a atmosphere like this.

Inside this publication you are going to find:

  • A carrying on with exact exploration of the Aeon struggle, detailing the $64000 occasions of 2087 and every thing that is going with them.
  • Seven items of provocative brief fiction to assist painting the texture of the environment, in addition to a four-page comic.
  • A examine popular culture within the unusual Aeon, so as to add extra specified taste in your game.
  • An exploration of 4 smaller year-long plots that may be utilized in any online game, with feedback on the right way to weave them into your tale.
  • A distinctive examine 5 significant components of the overarcing CthulhuTech storyline, together with the warfare opposed to the Migou in orbit, the go back of unforeseen allies, a hemorrhagic plague that sweeps the recent Earth executive, the Chrysalis Corporation’s pursuits opposed to the workplace of inner protection, and the march of the Rapine hurricane into the Land Down Under.
  • A tool-kit of knowledge, occasions, and proposals for Storyguides to exploit every one of those significant storylines, placing your Characters entrance and middle for the largest motion within the setting.
  • New know-how, mecha, and automobiles – rather these designed to be used within the vacuum of house – in addition to area wrestle rules.
  • This ebook is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for the center Book.

    This e-book is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and anxious content material and pictures. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Pathfinder Chronicles: Into the Darklands by Paizo Publishing

    By Paizo Publishing

    Delve into the deep secrets and techniques of the Darklands, a subterranean realm frequented by way of darkish elves, shadow dragons, and worse! This entire sourcebook presents an outline of the cavernous nation-states under the skin of the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade environment. unique cultural summaries of Darklands creatures similar to drow, derro, troglodytes, and worse praise a range of recent monsters from the darkish corners of the earth. a stunning poster map finds never-before-seen info of the big chambers and treacherous passage networks deep less than the outside of the area.

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    Fallen Suns ( Rogue Trader Adventure - WarpStorm Part 3) by Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker

    By Owen Barnes, Tim Huckelbery, Tim Cox, Jason Marker

    A strong strength has woke up from its shut eye someplace deep in the Hecaton Rifts, and if left unchecked it is going to spell sure doom for the denizens of within sight sectors. As this historic evil threatens to wreck either the Koronos Expanse and the Calixis zone, are you able to and your fellow Explorers research the reality of its mysterious origins?

    Fallen Suns is the 3rd and ultimate instalment within the Warpstorm Trilogy for Rogue dealer! A misplaced Eldar Craftworld has began a dismal voyage of loss of life and catastrophe, and simply the Rogue investors of the Koronus Expanse stand within the manner of its rampage. trip right into a perilous realm of insanity and historic hate; from Footfall to the Serpenta??s Cradle and past, you need to make universal reason with allies previous and new in the event that they are to outlive. The destiny of the Koronus Expanse hangs within the balance!

    Fallen Suns might be performed as a standalone experience, or as a part of the gripping sequence of adventures that started with the occasions of The Frozen Reaches and persevered via castle of Skulls.

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    Pathfinder Module: The Feast of Ravenmoor by Brandon Hodge

    By Brandon Hodge

    Hidden away within the distant uplands of Varisia, the distant village of Ravenmoor hasn't ever been wanting to allure viewers. The voters of Ravenmoor have their very own methods, their very own traditions, their very own tools of celebrating the flip of seasons. but if a tax collector vanishes on a visit into the distant city to gather on numerous years of taxes that experience, it sounds as if, slipped throughout the cracks, Ravenmoor abruptly turns into a focus of cognizance. What unusual surprises anticipate these selected to enquire the tax collector''s disappearances, and does the vanishing have whatever to do with Ravenmoor''s upcoming seasonal dinner party? ceremonial dinner of Ravenmoor is a horror/mystery-themed Pathfinder Module for 3rd-level characters, and in addition includes a brand-new monster and a nearby gazetteer detailing the Ravenmoor hinterlands.

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    Truncheon World: The Truncated Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Johnstone Metzger

    By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Johnstone Metzger

    Truncheon international is a truncated model of the Dungeon international principles, to be referenced through the GM through the video game and through prep. the cloth this is offered in a touch varied order than within the Dungeon global book.

    "I received unwell of lugging my hardcover reproduction of Dungeon global round. i presumed it'd be a lot more uncomplicated to simply have the GM part in a booklet and that's it. the entire laptop stuff is at the personality sheets, and that i regularly run ready dungeons (or Dungeon Planet stuff) so i've got monsters in my prep already.

    So I made Truncheon global, a [digest-sized] booklet with simply the GM sections and the foundations i would are looking to reference whilst operating the game."

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    Mystic Empyrean Corebook by David Bradley Talton

    By David Bradley Talton

    "No have to Justify. little need to give an explanation for. we're as we're. Such is Becoming."

    Empyrean lies in ruins. lined through the devouring fog of Aether, it's only an issue of time earlier than the realm dies with no the maintaining strength of Grand Cornerstone. As an Eidolon--an immortal strength of nature--your direction is obvious. locate the misplaced fragments of Grand Cornerstone and rebuild the realm in keeping with your personal layout.

    Mystic Empyrean is a roleplaying online game of social personality improvement, construction, and puzzle fixing. avid gamers needs to interact to rebuild the realm from a couple of tattered continues to be, after which discover their very own creations that allows you to locate extra items of the realm. The participant characters, Eidolons, are beings of great strength, granted a physique of natural lifestyles power and shaped by way of the needs and designs in their hearts. Eidolons improve new powers established upon their personalities. To be ate up via greed will supply an Eidolon the ability to create gold with a marginally. To be nervous and furtive will supply the ability to dissolve into shadow. features boost established upon how characters are role-played, instead of the project of expertise or gaining of degrees. which means Eidolons will achieve powers that replicate their activities and wishes.

    In Empyrean, the sport builds itself as you play. No GM is answerable for developing encounters ahead of the sport. in its place, avid gamers use the instruments awarded within the video game consultant, in addition to their very own imaginations, to create an experience that's fully detailed for each workforce.

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