Cervantes' Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes, Edith Grossman

By Miguel De Cervantes, Edith Grossman

- offers an important 20th-century feedback on significant works from The Odyssey via glossy literature-- The serious essays mirror quite a few faculties of criticism-- includes severe biographies, notes at the contributing critics, a chronology of the author's lifestyles, and an index

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We sit at the round middle table with two officers: the young and attractive ship’s doctor, an American, and the purser, a Dutchman of classic phlegm, and such an appetite that he always gets double portions. Then there is a good-natured little business man from Philadelphia who likes champagne, and in bearing and mentality seems to resemble our merchant type at home. Finally there is an elderly spinster dressed with bourgeois care and laughing a great deal out of pure friendliness. She has been visiting relatives in Holland and is on the way homewards.

He is a reader of mine, he says. After that I breakfast, starting with half a grapefruit, that refreshing large orange of which there is apparently an inexhaustible supply on board. For our greater ease and enjoyment the pulp is loosened from the skin in the kitchen with a special instrument. On the other hand I have not succeeded in making friends with the tomato cocktail which Americans drink down before every meal. It is too sweet. Since one must get exercise and the everlasting round of the promenade deck becomes a bore, we have taken up deck games and beguile some hours with them both morning and evening.

So there goes on, with unresting engines, day by day our steady forward push across the great spaces of the ocean. In my bath in the morning, in the warm, sticky, faintly rotten-smelling sea-water, which impregnates my skin with salt and which I dearly love, I remind myself pleasantly that while we slept we have unrolled another large instalment of the endless perspective. The weather is trying to clear up; there is blue sky in sight, beautifying the water with gleams of southern colour. But soon the warmer light has faded again.

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