Collection of Luo Yin (Chinese classical literature series) by 雍文华

By 雍文华


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The currency comes in 1, 2 and 5 fen coins, and 1, 5, 10 and 50 yuan notes or bills. There are two Chinese words for cash: cash cash xiankuan (shee-an-kwahn) ༭॥ xianjin (shee-an-jeen) ༭ࢫ 1 yuan yi yuan (ee-ywahn) ာთ yi kuai (ee kwie) ာॠ 2 yuan liang yuan (lee-ahng ywahn) ৰთ liang kuai (lee-ahng kwie) ৰॠ 3 yuan san yuan (sahn ywahn) ೂთ san kuai (sahn kwie) ೂॠ 4 yuan si yuan (suh ywahn) ඣთ si kuai (suh kwie) ඣॠ 5 yuan wu yuan (woo ywahn) ໞთ wu kuai (woo kwie) ໞॠ 10 yuan shi yuan (shr ywahn) യთ shi kuai (shr kwie) യॠ credit card xingyong ka (sheen-yohng kah) ེ႒ट Money 53 Which credit cards do you accept?

Keyi duihuan siren zhipiao ma? ी၅‫޺׻‬ගಐᆐ஺ઁƪ (Ker-ee dway-hwahn suh-wren jr-pee-ow mah) automatic teller machine (atm) tip tikuan ji (tee-kwahn jee) พ॥߹ xiaofei (she-ow-fay) བ٘ Where is an ATM? Nali you tikuan ji? ଔৄ႟พ॥߹ƪ (Nah-lee you tee-kwahn jee) Will it accept foreign bank cards? Shou waiguo yinhang ka ma? ൖ๽ܽၩ྅टઁƪ (Show wigh-gwoh een-hang kah mah) How much should I tip? Yinggai gei duoshao xiaofei? ၵ‫۝ڨ‬؉೼བ٘ƪ (Eeng-guy gay dwoh-shou she-ow-fay) Is foreign currency okay? Keyi yong waibi gei ma?

How much is the room tax? Fangjian shui duoshao?

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