Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale: GameMastery Module by Vincent Dutrait

By Vincent Dutrait

Fallow and deserted for years, Bloodsworn Vale has lengthy been a perilous wooden keeping apart kingdoms. a up to date call-to-arms asks adventurers from around the globe to set up a exchange path via this darkish and forboding woodland. Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a mid-level desolate tract experience written by way of Jason Bulmahn that pits avid gamers opposed to the evil fey tribes of the Vale. purely the valiant and smart can defeat the fey - yet will you be smart sufficient to break their grasp?

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2 lb. 2 lb. Piercing — Flame drakes organize themselves in small hunting packs. These groups work together in raids but often fall to infighting when the time comes to split up the spoils. As such, a powerful male usually leads packs that stay together for any length of time, with his decisions settling disputes. Larger packs require a truly powerful individual, such as a red dragon or spellcaster, to keep the unruly flame drakes cooperative. Flame drakes mate for one season only, with the female laying a clutch of two or three eggs.

It can take no actions other than to revert to sprite form (a free action). Any damage dealt to the bush is applied to the sprite while in this form (Ac 6). A roseblood sprite is susceptible to any spell or effect that targets plants while in this form, but it is immune to critical hits and sneak attack damage. A roseblood sprite in rose form automatically fails all Reflex saves. A roseblood sprite can assume the form of a rose bush any number of times per day and can maintain the form indefinitely.

Ecology Environment Any forest Organization Solitary, bushel (2–5), or court (6–16) Treasure Standard Alignment Usually neutral evil Advancement 6–9 (Small) or by character class Level Adjustment +2 Known for their cruelty and disdain for humanoid creatures, roseblood sprites are the embodiment of nature’s uncaring and vengeful aspects. Roseblood sprites act out against those who would despoil nature’s beauty, often with excessive force. All too often, even the presence of such an outsider is enough to provoke their ire, be it human, orc, or even elf (although they seem to forgive the presence of feyallied gnomes).

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