Corsair: Blades of the Moonsea (Book II) by Richard Baker

By Richard Baker

Pass swords with pirates in big apple Times best-selling writer Richard Baker’s newest adventure!

whilst pirates threaten his domestic, Geran is elected via the town council to trace the blood-thirsty pirates to their hidden base, infiltrate them, and locate the way to cease them sooner than it’s too overdue. however the pirates are prompted by way of greater than greed. relatives to his enemies, they search a deeper revenge, one Geran in basic terms starts to glimpse once they kidnap the lady he loves.

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It’s your da,” she said. Bernov Hulmaster strode across the courtyard with several Shieldsworn at his back. Geran and Kara stepped back from the door as he and his guards entered. Geran’s father was only an inch taller than Geran, but he was a thick-bodied bear of a man with a stout beard of gray-streaked brown; Geran got his black hair and his lean build from his mother’s side of the family. Bernov wore his battle armor and a heavy cape against the weather, and he filled the doorway with his broad shoulders and pauldrons.

He wished that he hadn’t agreed to remain in the tower. If he’d gone with his father, he might have been able to tip the scales in some close skirmish. He was old enough and skilled enough to fight for the harmach. The door to the tower rattled against its bolt. Geran and Kara both jumped at the sound and turned to look. The door—a sturdy construction of thick oak planks riveted together with bands of iron—shook again in its frame. “In the tower, there! ” a man called from outside. ” Kara gasped.

They rode on for a short time, and then Geran sighed. He hated to ask what he asked next, but he thought he’d better. “I watched for a while, Nimessa. I didn’t see any other captives. ” She looked down. ” “Were you—” he began, and then he stopped himself. He was going to ask if she’d been traveling alone, but he knew better. A young noblewoman of a good family would have been accompanied, most likely by a maid-in-waiting or a kinsman. There was a chance that the pirates would spare wellborn captives in the hopes of winning a rich ransom, but somehow he doubted that they’d intended to ransom Nimessa back to her family.

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