Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Stephen Feinstein

By Alexandre Dumas, Stephen Feinstein

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Исследование англоязычного автора о военной авантюре Наполеона Бонапарта в Египте в 1799 году. Описаны все битвы и кампании Наполеона. Текст проиллюстрирован цветными вкладками. Обзорная книга для популяризации истории Великой Французской Революции, первой Империи. Особое внимание в книге уделено описанию морской битвы при Абукире, в которой Нельсон уничтожил французский флот.

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It’s a good thing you came to me,” Dantes said to Franz. ” With that, both men set out for the catacombs. The young bandit led them through several dark passages. Finally they came to a large room lit by a small lamp. Sitting in a circle of lamplight was Luigi Vampa. Some rough-looking men who were standing guard pointed their guns at Dantes. ” Vampa ordered his men to put down their guns. ” • 7 Vampa set him free. Later, Albert tried to thank Dantes for saving him. “I owe you my life. ” Dantes smiled.

He also did what he could for Dantes’ father,” said Caderousse. “He was once a powerful man, but Monsieur Morrel has fallen on hard times since then. Several of his ships were lost at sea, and he cannot pay his debts. “Meanwhile,” Caderousse went on, “Fernand and Danglars are happy and rich. Danglars made a 37 THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO lot of money during the Spanish war. Then he married a rich widow. He now owns a house in Paris, and is known as Baron Danglars! Fernand has become a count. He fought in Greece for Ali Pasha against the Turks.

They sat down with Monsieur Noirtier to discuss plans for their marriage. It was a hot day, and Noirtier was drinking lemonade. Valentine kindly offered a glass of lemonade to Noirtier’s old servant. Then suddenly, the servant staggered and fell to the floor. He cried out in pain, and could not get up. ” he cried. Maximilian and Valentine ran out to call for the doctor. Meanwhile, Villefort had come into the room. He stared in horror as the old servant clutched at his chest. When the doctor arrived, it was too late to help the poor man.

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