Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-earth (MERP ICE #2500) by Terry K. Amthor

By Terry K. Amthor

This torrent includes 'Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-earth', a Middle-Earth RolePlaying product from Iron Crown corporations, now lengthy out of print (stock #2500)

Partial Cover/Jacket Text:

Experience the traditional swamp ruins & island citadels held by means of darkish elven lords and their fierce minions.

ARDOR contains:

A 16" x 20" full-color double-sided removable mapsheet
4 B & W maps
8 significant flooring plans

Within this ebook is held the story of the heritage of the land often called the Mûmakan and a company of Evil referred to as the court docket of Ardor. additionally instructed is the tale of the arrangements of the court docket for a cataclysm which, if it have been to take place, could have dire repercussions not just for the lands of the Mûmakan, yet all of Middle-earth.

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Kobolds know this and use it to manipulate good-aligned characters. They make their weakness into a virtue (although it fuels their impotent rage even further), and they make themselves seem as pathetic and “safe” as possible. Treasure Kobold treasure tends to include silver, platinum, and mithral coins and jewelry, even more than gold. No one knows why, but they love shining silver and prize it and other silvery metals. Some believe it is used in their magic or religious practices. Others believe that it is simply more beautiful by moonlight or starlight than gold, which looks best in the sun.

Their head is that of a snarling bull, with a pair of forward-thrusting horns f lanking their brows. With the lips and tongue of a cow, their speech tends to include a great many snorts, rumbles, and snarls. Minotaurs possess roughly 2-footlong tails covered in brown fur that end in shocks of coarse black hair. Their legs are covered in a longer fur and end in great cloven hooves. The sound of hooves and the occasional snort might be warning that a minotaur is nearby, although the unwary often mistake them for horses or other beasts of burden.

Despite their conf licting ego and fear, kobolds make good servants, as long as they understand the hierarchy. They respect strength, keep their word, and bow down to “the big ones” as long as they are in arm’s reach. Once they are left to themselves, things often go missing or break mysteriously. Kobold combat is a bit of a contradiction. Their tactics focus on retreats and ambushes, although they willingly follow a strong dragon or bulette’s charge on a battlefield. They grow bold only in defense of their eggs and underground homes.

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