Crucifixion or Cruci-Fiction by Ahmed Deedat

By Ahmed Deedat

Via Gospel money owed, Shaikh Ahmad Deedat exposes the fallacy of the crucifixion.

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THUNDERSTORM, EARTHQUAKE, AND DARKENING OF THE SUN ALL WITHIN 3 HOURS! To disperse the sadistic mob to enable his "secret disciples" to help, keep him ALIVE! 13. JEWS DOUBTED HIS DEATH: They suspected that he had escaped death on the cross — that he was ALIVE! 14. PILATE "MARVELS" TO HEAR THAT JESUS WAS DEAD. He knew from experience that no man can die so soon by crucifixion. He suspected that Jesus was ALIVE! 15. BIG ROOMY CHAMBER: Close at hand, and big and airy for willing hands to come to the rescue.

HOLY BIBLE) John 20:26 1. " 2. On the same page 20 of "The Resurrection Factor" the author gives four other quotations, with references for everyone! On the following page he gives three quotes, also with references. But the verses where he wants to deceive, no references at all. ARTFUL LIES Another of these cultists, claiming to be a lawyer by profession, supports his reborn brother from America with yet another lie. He says on page 120 of "The Islam Debate", that "Deedat has recently made a big issue of the stone which sealed the tomb by publishing a booklet entitled Who Moved the Stone?

So the hysterical woman (Jesus had had to cast out of her "seven devils" - Mark 16:9) breaks down and sobs. Jesus was all the while watching her from the vicinity — not from heaven, but from earth. This burial vault (tomb) was a privately-owned property belonging to Joseph of Arimathe'a (a very rich, influential Jew), who could afford to carve out of rock the big roomy chamber. 2 Around this tomb was his vegetable garden. Please do not try to tell me that this Jew was so generous that he was planting vegetables 5 miles out of town, for other people's goats and sheep to graze upon.

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