Dagorlad and the Dead Marshes (MERP ICE #8020) by Ruth Sochard

By Ruth Sochard

DAGORLAD information the east marshes and the shadowy haunts of the sorceress, Miruimor. event at the plains earlier than the Gates of Mordor, the place roaming Orcs strike terror between unwary travelers.


South of the Wilderland and north of Mordor lies a greatly various panorama stretching from the scarps and cliffs of the western Emyn Muil in the course of the swamps and marshes of Nindalf to the naked undeniable often called the Dagorlad (S. "Battle Plain"). as soon as those lands have been friendly sufficient, within the manner of untamed locations, even though they have been by no means a lot favourite by way of settlers. The wetlands have been full of all demeanour of waterfowl and alive with the songs of frogs and blackbirds. The region's waters gleamed with fish, and deer grazed the marsh grasses, afflicted purely through the searching expeditions of the scattered tribes of Marshmen. those people have been mostly left on my own and neglected via the wars and battles which raged approximately them, for his or her watery lands have constantly been too tricky for a military to pass with any velocity, and treacherous certainly for these now not born of the marshes.

Instead, tourists have regularly passed by approach of the huge simple sooner than the darkish gateway into Mordor. This expanse was lined with wild grains and different grasses which fast sprang as much as cover the continues to be of the nice warfare fought the following on the finish of the second one Age. Grouse pecked and nested there, and wild livestock grazed. even though unsettled via males, those lands have been peaceable and fruitful till a number of hundred years in the past, while the Shadow started to descend upon them as soon as more.

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Guard post. This commands the stairways up and down to the other levels Two humans stand guard during the day, two Orcs at night 16. 17. 18. Kitchen. Three fireplaces, work tables, pots, pans, cabinets filled with utensils, etc. Pantry. Shelves around the wall are filled with food and nearby stands a trap door with a pulley and hoist over it to bring up supplies from the lower level store room. Dish room/scullery. Shelves around walls hold both china and earthenware dishes An open doorway leads to (20).

Morvagor's room. A bed, washstand, and a locked chest The lock is very hard ( 20) to pick In the chest is 103 gp, 2 mirenna in a little jar, a gold ring set with an amethyst worth 150 gp, and an amulet carved of carnelian (opaque rosy pink) set in silver that he keeps because it looks valuable It is shaped like a bald human head with closed eyes and a thoughtful expression on its face The amulet is really a + 3 Channeling spell adder device which also gives the wearer a + 10 bonus for RRs vs Channeling spell attacks Cwathvoron's room.

The patrol Orcs adjust their shifts according to the time of year to fit in with the shifts of Men. 42 CLEANSING THURINGWATHOST (A HIGH LEVEL ADVENTURE) Setting: The fortress proper. Requirements: An experienced party (7-10th level) including spell users. 33 Aids: Again, Camlan the Healer might be of help. Also remember that the unwilling guests of Miruimor, (Sirrin, Camallin, and Carangil) are all likely to help player characters in return for assistance in escaping. A strong player character party might be willing to do more than simply discover the nature of Thuringwathost; they might also seek to cleanse the fortress by killing or incapacitating its masters.

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