De Anima: On the Soul by Aristotle

By Aristotle

A entire translation of Aristotle’s vintage paintings De Anima supplemented with well-chosen notes and a complete advent. additionally ordinarily translated as at the Soul, this paintings is a seminal paintings from the roots of Classical pondering at the nature of existence and the lifeforce.

Focus Philosophical Library translations are just about and are non-interpretative of the unique textual content, with the notes and a word list meaning to give you the reader with a few feel of the phrases and the options as they have been understood through Aristotle’s instant audience.

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But in that case who is each of the others? Or is no one concerned with the affections of material that are neither separable nor treated as separable? The student of nature is concerned with all the works and affections of a certain sort of body and a certain sort of material, while for other sorts it is someone else. 9 But (to return to the point from which this last discourse began) we were saying that the affections of the soul are inseparable from the natural material of the living thing, and in particular the material to which these particular kinds of things (like spiritedness and fear) belong—but inseparable in a different way than a line or surface.

He is formulating the thought that memory and love, central elements of individual personality, belong not to intellect as such, but to the combination of intellect and living body that is an individual living human being, and that when this combination no longer persists, neither do memory and love, nor therefore individual personality. He may be reluctant to put forward a clear denial of so sensitive a thesis as personal immortality this early in the discourse, when he has not yet set forth the foundations necessary for such an argument.

Thales20 too, on the report of those who preserve recollections of him, seems to have taken soul to be something imparting motion, if he did in fact say that the magnet has a soul because it moves iron. Diogenes21, like some others, took it to be air, considering this to be the most subtly composed of all things and to be the primordial principle. This, he said, is why soul cognizes and moves things, cognizing insofar as it is primary and the rest are composed of it, and able to impart motion inasmuch as it is subtlest.

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