Death on a Pale Horse: Sherlock Holmes on Her Majesty's by Donald Thomas

By Donald Thomas

In a momentous interval of British heritage, Donald Thomas 's most recent Sherlock Holmes event pits the nice Detective and his devoted biographer, Dr. John Watson, opposed to a world conspiracy led by means of a disgraced English officer. Colonel Hunter Moran bears upon him The Mark of the Beast; his satanic ingenuity leaves a dazzling path of devastation. It runs from the annihilation of a British armored column by way of Zulu tribesmen armed basically with shields and spears, to a life-and-death fight at the sinking passenger steamer Comtesse de Flandre.

The inheritor to the French empire lies lifeless within the African airborne dirt and dust. Europe is dropped at the edge of battle through cast despatches, designed to complement gun-runners and assassins. The gold-fields and diamond mines of South Africa develop into the playground of prepared crime.

Only the detective genius of Holmes can end up a fit for the unfolding illegal activity of Moran and his affiliates. With Watson and Mycroft at his facet, Sherlock Holmes back demonstrates even though the powers of the country and the underworld might try and overpower him, they're going to by no means out-think his fabulous analytical brain on the peak of its powers.

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