Deathstalker Rebellion: Being the Second Part of the Life by Simon R. Green

By Simon R. Green

The sequel to the best-selling Deathstalker follows outlaw Owen Deathstalker and his band of washed-up warriors, pirates, and extraterrestrial beings, as he battles the tyrannical Queen Lionstone XIV to guard the galaxy's freedom.

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I can't read your mind or anyone else's. But we're… joined now, in some new, primal way. Mind to mind, body to body, soul to soul. Anything you can do, I can do, and vice versa. " Owen looked at her sharply. Boost was both the gift and the curse of the Deathstalker Clan. For short periods he could become all but superhuman; inhumanly fast and strong, unbeatable with a weapon in his hand. A combination of mental training, engineered glands, and secret chemical caches deep within his body, boost was a jealously guarded Clan secret.

At her side, the Lord High Dram, Warrior Prime and Consort, called by some Widowmaker, though never to his face. At her command, loyal subjects like Captain Silence and Investigator Frost of the starship Dauntless. At her feet, the Families jostled and conspired to win her favor, and hunted down her enemies without mercy. Lionstone had strengths and surprises of her own and would not easily be brought down. And watching from the sidelines, waiting to see which way the wind might blow, many who might be swayed one way or the other.

It was all deathly quiet, apart from the racket Owen and Hazel made clattering down the bare steel steps. No doubt the tower defenses were sounding all kinds of alarms, but that would be on the tower's private security channel, and Owen didn't have the time to search out which particular channel they were using that day. No doubt security changed it regularly. He would have. Hazel checked the lock at the bottom of the stairs, a simple combination mechanism, and sniffed disparagingly. "This wouldn't stop a ten-year-old on Mistworld.

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