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The type of cyclic stresses applied on structural systems and the terminologies used in fatigue resistant design are illustrated in Fig. 25. 24 Crack growth and fatigue failure under cyclic load Indian Institute of Technology Madras Design of Steel Structures Prof. Satish Kumar and Prof. 25 Terminology used in fatigue resistant design of structural steel work S-N curves and fatigue resistant design The common form of presentation of fatigue data is by using the S-N curve, where the total cyclic stress (S) is plotted against the number of cycles to failure (N) in logarithmic scale.

Ease of fabrication and erection should be considered in the design of connections. Attention should be paid to clearances necessary for field erection, tolerances, tightening of fasteners, welding procedures, subsequent inspection, surface treatment and maintenance. Indian Institute of Technology Madras Design of Steel Structures Prof. Satish Kumar and Prof. 1 Connection classification (a) Classification based on the type of resultant force transferred: The bolted connections are referred to as concentric connections (force transfer in tension and compression member), eccentric connections (in reaction transferring brackets) or moment resisting connections (in beam to column connections in frames).

Crack propagation 4. Final rupture The development of fatigue crack growth and the various stages mentioned above are symbolically represented in Fig. 24. Fatigue failure can be defined as the number of cycles and hence time taken to reach a pre-defined or a threshold failure criterion. Fatigue failures are classified into two categories namely the high cycle and low cycle fatigue failures, depending upon the number of cycles necessary to create rupture. Low cycle fatigue could be classified as the failures occurring in few cycles to a few tens of thousands of cycles, normally under high stress/ strain ranges.

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