Dickens and the Children of Empire by Wendy S. Jacobson (eds.)

By Wendy S. Jacobson (eds.)

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457) behind whose counter Sampson Brass and his monstrous sister stand. Notes 1. The classic account of Romantic conceptions of the child in English literature is Peter Coveney's The Image of Childhood (1967). 2. Curiosity, like care, is derived from the Latin, 'cura', meaning care. The term often appears in the novel, as when the landlady tells Nell after her collapse, 'curiosity ... 217) of Mrs jarley. 5). 6), the whole novel thus becoming in effect just such a curious speculation. 3. Violet Wyndham is cited by Paul Schlicke (p.

44. 3. Cited by Sinclair, p. 58. Works cited Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers (1837), edited by Malcolm Andrews (London: Dent, 1994). --,Oliver Twist (1838), edited by Steven Connor (London: Dent, 1994). - - , The Old Curiosity Shop (1841), edited by Paul Schlicke (London: Dent, 1994). - - , 'A Christmas Carol' (1843), in Christmas Books, edited by Ruth Glancy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988), pp. 1-90. - - , Dombey and Son (1848), edited by Valerie Purton (London: Dent, 1994). - - , 'The Haunted Man' (1848), in Christmas Books, edited by Ruth Glancy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988), pp.

Knew what they were doing. Oliver is our culture's paedophile pinup, the eroticized child, so pure he has no story of his own, waits for us to write it for him. Oliver also rehearses what has become the most popular narrative in the west - the simple melodramatic story of the victim. Abused and mistreated, Oliver is beaten for asking for food, for being born at all. He gives us the clue to the plot we have come to embrace of absorbing selfpity. Dickens does not, interestingly, exactly write that plot here: Oliver is certainly a victim but he does not act like one, does not trace his being to his abuse, as we like to do.

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