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The key difference between 3D cast members and other cast members is that the models within the 3D world are not independent entities—they’re not sprites themselves. Instead, they are integral parts of the 3D cast member sprite. The illustration that follows shows the relationships between the components of a 3D cast member: RenderServices Object (Lingo global variable) -services of the underlying 3D renderer (and any 3rd party xtras) available to all 3D castmembers -Global properties of the 3D rendering state 3D Castmember A self contained 3D world: -palettes of models, lights, shaders, animations, ect.

The rendering method can have a dramatic effect on performance. If your hardware permits you to choose different methods, you can do so using the following procedure. To choose a rendering method: 1 Select the Stage. 2 Open the Property Inspector. 3 Click the Movie tab. 4 Select a rendering method from the pop-up menu. 5 defaults to #auto. Below the pop-up menu, the name of the active 3D renderer property is displayed. The value of this property indicates which rendering method is currently being used.

5 Shockwave Studio brings robust, high-performance 3D to the Web. 5 allows you to develop a wide spectrum of 3D productions, ranging from simple text handling to interactive product demonstrations to complete immersive game environments. 5, users can view your work on the Web with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or other Shockwave-supported browsers. 5 lets you detect the capabilities of the user’s system and adjust playback demands accordingly. 5 movies on most Macintosh or Windows hardware platforms.

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