Divine War in the Old Testament and in the Ancient Near East by Sa-Moon Kang

By Sa-Moon Kang

The aim of this learn is to enquire the motifs of divine warfare within the historical close to East and during this gentle to investigate the motifs of YHWH struggle within the previous testomony. There are 3 matters about the challenge of YHWH struggle. the 1st factor is the excellence among holy warfare and YHWH conflict. the most argument relating YHWH conflict has been concentrated less than the identify of "holy warfare" by way of F. Schwally, M. Weber, J. Pedersen and particularly G. von Rad. the second one factor is the excellence among the legendary and old realities of YHWH warfare. The 3rd factor is the potential connection among YHWH battle within the previous testomony and divine conflict within the old close to East.

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As a result all the lands are hers. She prides herself on her power as goddess of war in a balbale song:1

Sollberger and J. R. Kupper, Inscriptions Royales Sumeriennes et Akkadiennes (Paris 1971), 71 (- IRS A). Warfare, 24, n. 20. , n. 23. 20 According to this statement his war against Elam was not his own desire but a divine mission. 21 The duty of Kings was to carry out the divine commission. In a later period the formula, "by the command of god(s) (ina dm\amdt\qibit\ siqir DN or ill) the kings carried out the campaigns," became a conventional usage in the war descriptions of the royal inscriptions.

Cooper, Angim, 64—67. 26 Divine War in Mesopotamia On a cylinder seal of the middle of the third millennium Ninurta appears as a god in human form with a bow, and is accompanied by a lion. 72 In the Dyala region as early as the second Early Dynastic period representations on seals show the bird god growing a human lower body. Later when Gudea saw his lord Ningirsu in a dream, the god appeared with Imdugud's wings, and his lower parts ended in flood. Even in Assyrian times in the first millennium, a relief of Ashurnasirpal's that graced Ninurta's temple in Nimrud shows the god in human form, but still winged.

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