Don't Lose Your Mind: Making the Most of Madness in the Mad by Benjamin Baugh

By Benjamin Baugh

A pair of presidency brokers stalk a runaway lady armed basically with a teddy undergo. they're by no means heard from back. A psychopathic hero wields each blade that ever murdered, carving off items of his character on the way to chase away the Nightmares. A temptress lures the harsh and vile to attack her—only to seize them in a jail outfitted from her personal ribcage. Trailing ash and burning footprints with each step, a guy cursed with Orpheus’ reward delves deeper into Hell on a daily basis on a quest to discover the final lacking puzzle-piece had to rebuild his overdue female friend from the smash she has become…

This is the tale of the wakeful. From the depths in their negative and planned insanity, they face Nightmares either unusual and dire, continuously realizing they're just a couple of moments clear of turning into what they fight.

From writer Benjamin Baugh (Monsters & different infantile issues) comes Don’t Lose Your brain, a Don’t relaxation Your Head complement that explores the darkest depths of insanity in your video game. inside of you’ll locate twenty-six detailed insanity abilities that push the limits of mind's eye. each one offers approach to its personal targeted Nightmare, able to darken each player’s door. And on the wealthy, nougaty middle of this tome you’ll discover a toolbox of recent concepts and views for supercharging madness at your desk, and profiting from insanity within the Mad City.

Contains mature subject material. no longer prompt for the abnormally sane.

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00 MAURICE, braised in wine, with mushrooms . . . . 00 MAURICE chops, roasted with new potatoes . . . . 00 Soup of the Day: Cream of MAURICE . . 50 Bowl He and the Chef had words, and before he knew it, he was chucked in the cooking pot with a dozen giant lobsters madly thrashing and clawing. In the hot painful darkness something happened to him. When the Chef’s Recipe for Disaster was complete, Maurice’s next conscious moment was the white-out blindness as the silver cover was removed, revealing Maurice the Lobster Monster to the table of hungry Nightmares.

That’s what you’re supposed to do with it. Because the harder you hit with Madness, the more things are going to spin into chaos. In many games, this kind of balls-out powertripping is going to break the fun, but Don’t Rest Your Head can take that shot like a heavyweight, because the more you push your Madness to kick ass, the more it’s going to shoot nitro into the story’s engine. The harder you lay it down with Madness, the more it’s going to fuck up everything for everyone around you and wreck your life faster than a cheatin’ man from a country song.

Night after night, it named things in an old, forgotten language. You’d look at something, and it would speak that thing’s name to you. Every night, you’d learn the word for ‘chair,’ or ‘policeman,’ or ‘dog,’ or ‘lover’. The vocabulary lesson continued, and soon you knew the moon-words for things before the moon spoke them to you. Slowly, you figured out if you spoke them the right way and really meant what you said, then so long as your voice rang out, things would do what you told them. Telling your broke-down car to start up anyway was easy enough, but the farther you strayed from natural behavior, the harder it got.

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