Dragon Forge: Draconic Prophecies, Book 2 (The Draconic by James Wyatt

By James Wyatt

A heroic conflict to uphold the stability of Eberron(R) Gaven has fulfilled a part of the prophecy and develop into the typhoon Dragon. Now he seeks the Draconic Prophecy at its resource in Argonessen, the dragon nation--but as he travels towards that historic continent, Gaven may perhaps observe greater than he suspected. in the meantime, Aundairian loyalists--assisted by means of a sinister dragon cabal--are assembling the Dragon Forge: an eldritch laptop designed to harness the facility of a Siberys dragonmark and enlarge it. hence, to create a devastating typhoon of hail and acid rain to move sooner than Aundair's armies as they march into the Eldeen Reaches. they usually recognize simply the dragonmarked to use...

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It’s my sword, so perhaps it is. What’s so damned important about Maelstrom? ” “The day you first touched that sword, you set a course for a much greater destiny. It’s a sword of legend, Ree. Great things have been done with it, and more greatness will yet be accomplished. ” Rienne slid the sword, still in its sheath, out of the silk sash wrapped around her waist. She ran a hand lovingly along the leather scabbard and its gold tooling. “Of course I can. But the greatness of my sword says nothing about me.

There might be trouble,” Kauth said, whirling to face the warlock. ” “Neither are we,” Sevren said. He bent his bow and looped the string around the free end. ” “While we sneak around behind,” Zandar said, jerking his head toward the back of the coach. ” Sevren followed, and Kauth trailed behind to the door at the back of the coach and out into the shadow-cloaked woods. The air was warm and heavy, quiet with the expectation of a summer thunderstorm. Vor’s voice, coming from in front of the coach, was muffled but clear.

It’s like the moment when you turn an hourglass over and the sand starts running the other way. I don’t know if I can explain it any better than that. The Time of the Dragon Above has ended, the Storm Dragon made his appearance in history. And the Time of the Dragon Below is coming, with the rise of the Blasphemer. ” Rienne’s brow crinkled and she looked away. ” “That’s the thing,” Gaven said, leaning against the bulwark. “I know some words of the Prophecy, a hint of their layers of meaning. But I don’t really know what they mean as a whole.

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