Dragon Venom (Obsidian Chronicles, Bk. 3) by Lawrence Watt-Evans

By Lawrence Watt-Evans

After a long time of peace within the Lands of guys, there got here Dragon climate: a wave of marvelous warmth, oppressive humidity, darkish offended clouds . . . and dragons. Dragons with out regret, no sympathy, little need for people; dragons who destroyed a whole village and everybody in it. everybody, that's, other than the younger boy Arlian. Orphaned and on my own, Arlian used to be captured via looters and offered as a mining slave. He ultimately escaped, fueled via years of hatred and a private vow to deliver justice to all who had wronged him. After killing those that enslaved him, Arlian sought out The Dragon Society, whose sworn goal used to be to face opposed to the dragon threat. It used to be there, between his friends, that Arlian came across he's humanity's top desire for defeating the dragons . . . permanently.Now, Arlian seeks his ultimate vengeance: demise to all of dragonkind. yet as he starts off to break the evil beasts, wild magic seeps into the Lands of guys, sowing chaos and destruction in its wake. Will Arlian's all-consuming quest for justice devour humanity besides? the reply could lie inside of his historical foe's so much deadly weapon: Dragon Venom

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Dragon Venom (Obsidian Chronicles, Bk. 3)

After a long time of peace within the Lands of guys, there got here Dragon climate: a wave of outstanding warmth, oppressive humidity, darkish offended clouds . . . and dragons. Dragons with out regret, no sympathy, no need for people; dragons who destroyed a whole village and everybody in it. everybody, that's, other than the younger boy Arlian.

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Although why the dragons would have brought humans here he was not entirely sure. The dragons, contrary to widespread belief, did not seem to actually eat people—or for that matter, anything else. They apparently subsisted on magic alone. Enziet had told him long ago, "They are the magic of the Lands of Man made flesh, a primal force drained from the earth and given shape," and whether that was die precise truth or not, it did appear that they did not need solid food. On the other hand, they did seem to enjoy tormenting and killing people, and might well have dragged a few back to the lair as playthings—though Arlian had never heard any reliable reports of such a thing, nor found any evidence in the other lairs he had explored over the past fourteen years.

This book is printed on acid-free paper. com Tor® is a registered trademark of Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. — 1st ed. p. cm. " ISBN 0-765-30279-9 (acid-free paper) 1. Dragons—Fiction. Title. 54-dc21 2003053351 First Edition; October 2003 Printed in the United States of America 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Book I The Dragons Chapter 1 In the Dragon’s Lair Chapter 2 The Warlord’s Mercy Chapter 3 Wine and Conversation Chapter 4 A Bird in the Hand Chapter 5 The Defense of Ethinior Chapter 6 A Wearisome Journey Chapter 7 A Debatable Homecoming Chapter 8 Lord Obsidian’s Guests Chapter 9 Lady Rime at Home Chapter 10 Considerations for the Future Chapter 11 Encounters at the Citadel Chapter 12 The Border Aflame Chapter 13 A Visit from Lord Zaner Chapter 14 An Awkward Supper Chapter 15 The Third Alternative Book II The Magicians Chapter 16 Plans and Preparations Chapter 17 Into the Borderlands Chapter 18 The Gates of Pon Ashti Chapter 19 The Servants of the Blue Mage Chapter 20 A Meeting with the Mage Chapter 21 The Spy Chapter 22 A Change of Regime Chapter 23 Under the Tyrants Heel Chapter 24 Conversing with That Which Has No Name Chapter 25 The Lands of Wild Magic Chapter 26 The Failed Quest Chapter 27 The Gate at Stonebreak Chapter 28 Manfort Transformed Chapter 29 The Disposition of the Household Chapter 30 Deceptions in Court and Street Book III The Experiments Chapter 31 Into the Lair of the Dragons Chapter 32 Familiar Faces Chapter 33 Out of the Caverns Chapter 34 Obsidian House Chapter 35 Studies on the Effects of Dragon Venom Chapter 36 The Spawn of Magic Chapter 37 Kittens from Hel Chapter 38 An Audacious Proposal Chapter 39 A Father’s Objections Chapter 40 The Final Experiment Chapter 41 Unwelcome Guests Chapter 42 A State of Siege Chapter 43 The Blades of the Dragon Society Chapter 44 To Defend the Grey House Chapter 45 An Exceptional Birth Book IV The Gods Chapter 46 The Final Assault Begins Chapter 47 A Sky Black with Dragons Chapter 48 A Final Meeting of Old Foes Chapter 49 Vengeance Considered Chapter 50 A Harvest of Death Chapter 51 Aftermath Chapter 52 Homecoming B O O K I The Dragons 1 1 In the Dragon's Lair In the Dragon's Lair The stench of venom and rotting dragon was overwhelming, and depressingly familiar.

This visit to the dragonslayers' camp was highly unusual—but very welcome. Black poured generous servings of wine, then waited while Arlian set his spear in its brackets, extending horizontally across almost the entire width of the pavilion, and hung his sword and obsidian dagger in their place above his cot, joining the swordbreaker he had not bothered to carry on the day's expedition. Weapons secured, Arlian doffed his hat at last, brushed at the soot that had collected on the brim, then set it aside before turning back to Black.

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