Dragonheart by Todd J. McCaffrey

By Todd J. McCaffrey

Todd McCaffrey’s first solo novel within the vintage Dragonriders of Pern sequence, Dragonsblood, was once hailed by way of critics and embraced through the numerous dedicated readers of the landmark technology fiction saga created by means of his mom, Anne McCaffrey. Now the chronicles of Pern take one other desirable flip because the embattled planet, the courageous pioneers who name it domestic, and the awesome flame-breathing creatures who fly excessive to guard it confront a dire new challenge.The grim specter of ailment looms over the Weyrs of Pern, felling fire-lizards and posing a in all probability devastating probability to their dragon cousins, Pern’s sole safety opposed to the lethal phenomenon that's Thread. Fiona, the youngest and in simple terms surviving daughter of Lord Bemin, is simply coming of age, and approximately to imagine the tasks of a Weyrwoman, while note spreads that dragons have certainly started succumbing to the recent contagion. With the subsequent season of Threadfall fast impending, and the already decreased ranks of the dragons once again lower than siege, each Weyr throughout Pern is in situation mode. it really is rarely the time for demanding distractions–such because the unusual voice Fiona without notice hears in her brain on the darkest and such a lot pressing moments. situations and the temper of the weyrfolk irritate while improve patrols relay the feared information that black dust–the unmistakable usher in of falling Thread–has been sighted. As extra dragons sicken and die, leaving just a new new release of weyrlings too younger to be successful them, Weyrleader B’Nik and queen rider Lorana arrive from Benden Weyr to sweep citadel Weyr’s information in a determined look for clues from the previous which may carry the answer to the plague. yet may well the particular earlier itself end up the pathway to salvation for Pern’s troubled dragons and the complete imperiled planet? Guided through a mysterious best friend from a totally unforeseen position, and trusting within the exact dragon reward for transcending time, Fiona will subscribe to a dicy excursion with far-reaching effects for either Pern’s destiny and her own future.

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You are of Fort,” he said, his voice becoming firm, commanding. ” He peered down at her, the corners of his lips quivering upward. “You are my last child and I would not deprive you of anything—” “Then I can . . ” But her words trailed off as Bemin shook his head gently. “You and I have so much,” he told her gently. He gestured to the sleeping queen dragonet, who was trembling in her sleep. “As you have your queen, I have Forsk, the watch-wher. ” Fiona sniffed, her eyes catching his pleadingly, but he shook his head again.

With a grin, she found a cloth, dipped it in the pail of oil, and started in at Fiona’s side. She was quite surprised at how long it took before the youngster noticed her. ” Fiona cried when she spotted her. ” She made a face and added hastily, “Not that I’m not grateful for the help, it’s just that . ” “They get bigger,” Tannaz said with a smile, marveling at how quickly they finished going over the young queen’s skin. She extended an oily hand to the girl. ” Fiona looked at her in surprise, and then her face took on the abstracted look of a rider communicating with her dragon, followed by a more natural expression of irritation as she realized that Talenth had, as usual, fallen solidly asleep during her oiling.

On her shoulder, Fire creeled and Fiona shuddered. She thought of Kindan, of how he must feel in his loss. ” Fiona repeated numbly. ” “It would have to be a general ban,” K’lior told her. ” Cisca asked, brows furrowed. “Yes,” K’lior said. ” Fiona asked. “We don’t know,” K’lior said, frowning. “A fire-lizard’s bond is not as strong as a dragon’s. If we send them to the Southern Continent, perhaps . ” Fiona asked. “No,” K’lior admitted. “But without the dragons—” “Thread comes soon,” Cisca said.

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