Jude the Obscure (Oxford World's Classics) by Thomas Hardy

By Thomas Hardy

The few final those who learn this booklet are probably of their grave. It needed to be a storage sale locate. no longer a used ebook.

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Phillotson. ’ asked the boy. ‘Ah––that would be a long story. You wouldn’t understand my reasons, Jude. ’ ‘Well––don’t speak of this everywhere. You know what a university is, and a university degree? It is the necessary hallmark of a man who wants to do anything in teaching. My scheme, or dream, is to be a university graduate, and then to be ordained. ’ The smith and his companion returned. Old Miss Fawley’s fuelhouse was dry and eminently practicable; and she seemed willing to give the instrument standing-room there.

Those Irish who want independence set up their own parliament, the Dáil, and the Irish ‘troubles’ begin. British troops ruthlessly repress the rebels. Education Act raises the school-leaving age to  and extends education for some to . Russian Revolution helps stir up working-class militancy. First satisfactory contraceptive for women is devised. – Mellstock Edition of novels and verse ( volumes).  Increased social awareness is indicated by extension of National Insurance against unemployment.

Farmer Troutham is not so much better than myself, come to that. ’ More angry with Jude for demeaning her by coming there than for dereliction of duty, she rated him primarily from that point of view, and only secondarily from a moral one.  Jude the Obscure ‘Not that you should have let the birds eat what Farmer Troutham planted. Of course you was wrong in that. ’ ‘Where is this beautiful city, aunt; this place where Mr. ’ asked the boy after meditating in silence. ‘Lord––you ought to know where the city of Christminster is.

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