King Kong by Edgar Wallace, Merian C. Cooper, Delos Lovelace

By Edgar Wallace, Merian C. Cooper, Delos Lovelace

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The Actors' Equity and the Hays outfit have warned every girl I've tried to hire. And every agent but you has backed away. You're all I've got left. " "Everybody knows you're square," Weston grunted, breathing audibly. "But everybody knows, also, how reckless you are. " drawled Englehorn, and leaned down to his cuspidor. " cried Driscoll, rubbing his handsome young jaw. " Weston spread his palms up. "Think of my reputation, Denham. " Denham demanded. "To go off for no one knows how long, to some spot you won't even hint at ...

Each was enclosed and partially masked by the thick brush. Narrow paths through the undergrowth were the only connecting links. Each stood otherwise by itself in the center of a bare circle beaten to dusty surface smoothness by many feet. One extraordinary detail made the village different from any which either Englehorn or Denham had ever seen. This was the scattering of magnificent, broken columns of carved stone, and fragments of skillfully built walls. These stood on every hand, but the majority were forward, closer to the wall.

Those engines throbbed now with no less constancy than when the hull they drove had ploughed the Atlantic at a sweet fourteen knots. The Atlantic was far astern. The slow drift through the Panama Canal was finished, too, along with the long slide to the Hawaiian Islands, to Japan for more coal, past the Philippines, past Borneo, past even Sumatra. Still the speed was a steady fourteen. The direction was south and west. The time was midday. The weather was hot. It was so hot that the crew wore only such garments as the presence of a lady commanded.

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