Meher Baba, the Awakener by Charles C Haynes, Charles Haynes

By Charles C Haynes, Charles Haynes

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But they do not necessarily mean real insanity, or even retrogression on the path of inner search. Such a person is often, in his own individual way, in earnest search of God, or Truth, as the unfailing inward directive power. In and through his waywardness, there is a logic of his own; and all his idiosyncrasies and aberrations can be understood only if they are viewed in the light of the inner motive power... They are sincerely and wholeheartedly denoted to Truth as it comes to them; they are divinely mad in search of eternal values.

The happiness of God-realization is the goal of all creation. It is not possible for a person to have the slightest idea of that inexpressible happiness without actually having the experience of Godhood. The idea that the worldly have of suffering or happiness is entirely limited. The real happiness that comes through realizing God is worth all the physical and mental suffering in the universe. 34 The Avatar We come now to the Avatar, the fullest expression of divine love in God's divine drama (lila).

In 1922 Merwan Sheriar Irani began his mission as the Avatar. Though he retained the human attributes of Merwan, he now experienced himself as one born to live the divinely human life of the God-man. Many who encountered him during this period, including former schoolmates and friends, witnessed a profound transformation in Merwan that inspired them to leave everything and follow him. One of these early disciples later recalled Merwan at this pivotal juncture: He was fair, but looked tanned with the tremendous force of having to contain the fire of Absoluteness of God in the limitedness of human nature.

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