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The script consists of multiple commands separated by commas. The first letter of the command is a code and the rest of the string is raw text. The code tells the computer how to process the text. The codes are as follows: • B: Convert the text to Boolean and print it. • D: Convert the text to a month and print the first and last day of the month. • I: Convert the text to Integer and print it. This example shows variables declared as Integer, Boolean, DateTime, String, and Char. Initializing an array is demonstrated by creating an integer array of the days of the month.

NET to work with single characters using the character data type. NET as a single character string followed by c. Define a literal inC# as a character enclosed in single quotes. Converting between a character and its ASCII equivalent is covered in Chapter 10. 0 A character is a String oflength 1. NET A character is declared using the Char data type. A character can be typed in directly by using a single character String followed by c. Dim var as Char var = "x"c C# A character is declared using the char data type.

Ifyou are declaring the array and initializing it on the same line, using the new keyword is optional. //Create an array on one line and initialize its elements int[] var = {22, 99, 18}; //Create a two dimension array on one line and initialize its elements int[,] var =new int[,] {{22, 99, 18},{5, 14, 23}}; //Create an array and initialize its elements using two lines int[] var; var = new int[] {22, 99, 18}; Grouping Constants with Enumerators Enumerators provide a means of storing a set of related constants into a single group.

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