Pale Gray for Guilt (Travis McGee Mysteries 09) by John D. MacDonald

By John D. MacDonald

With an advent by way of CARL HIAASENJOHN D. MacDONALD"...the nice entertainer of our age, and a enchanting storyteller." --STEPHEN KING"...a grasp storyteller, a masterful suspense writer."--MARY HIGGINS CLARK"...a dominant effect on writers crafting the continued sequence character."--SUE GRAFTON" favourite novelist of all time."--DEAN KOONTZ"...the consummate professional, a grasp storyteller and witty observer."--JONATHAN KELLERMAN"...remains one in all my idols."--DONALD WESTLAKETHE TRAVIS McGEE SERIES" of the good sagas in American fiction."--ROBERT B. PARKER"...what a pleasure that those undying and precious novels can be found again."--ED McBAIN

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Should I have brought the boys? " "Ask each one of them when he gets to be twentyone, dear. Ask them if they felt as if they had been left out of anything," Puss said. So they sat, holding hands, and Jan fell asleep. Puss gave me a sleepy wink and then she was gone too. I looked out of the jet at December gray, at cloud towers reaching up toward us. Tush was gone, and too many others were gone, and I sought chill comfort in an analogy of -death that has been with me for years. It doesn't explain or justify.

I looked to the judge for reassurance, and got it in the form of a slow wink an almost imperceptible nod. Mr. Lee came back in with Sanders. He was apparently nominated by Sanders to put the matter into careful legal jargon. "Mrs. Bannon," he said, "whether or not your sale of your interest to Mr. McGee is final at this moment, the bank feels that it is ethically obligated to inform you that shortly after two o ',clock this afternoon a local attorney contacted Mr. Sanders here and asked him if the sale of the foreclosed properties had been consummated.

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