Rifts: Phase World: The Three Galaxies by Carl Gleba

By Carl Gleba

Rifts size e-book 6: 3 Galaxies
A advisor to the 3 Galaxies, this e-book takes a glance at dozens of sunlight platforms, outstanding planets, opt for alien races, humans, civilizations and monsters, in addition to house anomalies, spaceships and extra. this can be one other sourcebook that's perfect for campaigns regarding the Minion warfare, the Thundercloud Galaxy, section international and adventures within the 3 Galaxies.
An evaluate of the 3 Galaxies.
16 O.C.C.s/R.C.C.s together with the Obsidian Spell Thief and area Warlock.
A part dozen monsters plus the mysterious Necrol.
More details at the Intruders, Kreeghor, Splugorth and others.
Draygon Industries and their weapons.
Demon Stars, Demon Planets and magic starships.
Notable spaceships and weapon systems.
The great Necrol and their dwelling guns and spacecraft.
Notable gear of the 3 Galaxies.
A wealth of heritage fabric and event ideas.
Written by means of Carl Gleba.
160 pages Cat. No. 851.

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Some believe ley lines are the threads holding the fabric of the world intact, stitching one plane to the next. Ley lines in the Feywild have counterparts in the mortal realm, places of power that are often the sites of fey crossings. Indeed, following a ley line on either plane is often an excellent way to discover a lost fey crossing. Places where ley lines intersect or terminate are highly magical. A character performing a ritual with the key skill of Arcana or Nature in such a place gains a +2 bonus to any skill check called for in the ritual.

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Few in either the Feywild or the mortal realm are their match. If the fomorians could set aside their quarrels, they would be a mighty force for conquest. Fortunately, this dreadful prospect is unlikely, since most fomorians loathe others of their kind along with most beings who are not fomorians. Ironically, this flaw is a direct side effect of the fomorians’ powerful arcane abilities. The fell energy these monsters command inflicts endless pain on them and slowly drives them mad. Every fomorian ruler tolerates his or her own immediate clan as members in his or her court—but barely that.

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