The Infinity Race (Doctor Who) by Simon Messingham

By Simon Messingham

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It clanged down into place. Or rather it should have done. Unbelievably, the creature caught the metal plate and stopped its fall. A dead weight like that, plus the force of the swing; that took some doing. Already, one insect-like hand was scrabbling through the gap it had created. The Doctor jumped on top of the hatch. It sank, a little, and the creature holding it up howled in anger. Anji joined him with a thump. The hatch creaked downwards, a little bit more. The hand snaked blindly out for them.

In that tone of voice which meant in no way was I going to understand. ‘It’s ice. ’ ‘No. Not exactly. ’ ‘Of course it’s ice,’ I said, utterly confidently. I grabbed the knifelike piece. And knew instantly I was wrong. It wasn’t cold. It was. . I thought my headache must be coming back because I went all woozy. Now, you know me, and even if you don’t and have been paying attention to all the things that have fallen on me and smashed into me and generally had a go since we landed on Selonart, you have to understand: I do not get woozy.

He stepped over it and checked out the darkened bridge. ’ He stopped himself. ’ ‘Not everything,’ said the Doctor. ‘Judging by the decomposition this happened some time ago. ’ He crossed to an impressive bank of technology. ‘Engine diagnostics,’ he stated flatly. ‘Someone’s put this boat into overdrive. And made sure it couldn’t be powered down. Not from here, anyway. ’ I couldn’t take my eyes off the dead man at the wheel. ‘Him? ’ ‘No,’ said the Doctor. ’ asked Fitz. ‘Competitors? ’ I suddenly felt even colder.

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