To Understand Buddhism by Chin Kung

By Chin Kung

"To comprehend Buddhism," given by way of Venerable grasp Chin Kung, excerpts from the debate, Australia, January 1996; translated by means of Silent Voices.

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Sangha (Skrt). Group of four or more peoples who properly practice the Buddha’s teaching together, especially The Six Principles of Harmony. Sanskrit (Skrt). Language of ancient India. Sastra (Skrt). Commentary on sutras primarily by Bodhisattvas. Self-Nature. Our original, true self that we still have, but is currently covered by deluded thoughts. Sentient being. A living being that is aware of itself and can experience feeling or sensation. 58 Sharira (Skrt). Relics that remain after cremation indicating the person had attained some degree of purity of body and mind.

Without wisdom, possessing wealth may lead one to create infinite bad karma from bad deeds, thinking one is doing good. Without wisdom, one is unable to distinguish true from false, proper from deviated, right from wrong or beneficial from harmful. Often one is ignorant of having conducted oneself in an erroneous manner. All these principles are explained very clearly in Liao Fan’s Four Lessons. Within good and bad there exists true and false, half and full, right and wrong. From its appearance, what may appear to be a true good deed, due to changes in its nature some time later, can turn out to have been a bad one.

We can practice giving of our wealth or physical strength. For example, a homemaker keeps house daily providing a comfortable environment for the family. Without proper understanding, this homemaker may feel these daily chores are repetitive; that washing clothes and cooking meals are boring. If however, the homemaker clearly understands that he or she is cultivating the Bodhisattva Way by practicing the Six Principles, then he or she will be filled with joy. Changing one’s perception of doing the same chores with a giving, non-attaching heart is practicing the principle of giving.

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